National Transplant Games held in Mumbai on Sunday

| Marketing | November 24, 2010 | Press Release

Mumbai November 21 2010: The nation has seen best of the performances by the Indian sportsmen in recent Common Wealth Games and ongoing Asian Games. Here, is another national sporting event in the city which is very different from other sporting events. This particular event is called the ‘Transplant Games' being organized by the reputed Non-Government Organisation (NGO) - Narmada Kidney Foundation.

The games are unique as all sportsmen participating in the events are laymen but yet extraordinary. They are the ones who have been transplanted and who have served humanity by donating their organ/s to the needy patients suffering from organ failure like kidney and liver failure.

This brigade of the sportsmen was here to defy the myth that one loses out energy to perform physically tougher tasks like sporting after transplantation and after donating organs. The Narmada Kidney Foundation has been working towards educating and supporting organ transplantation and organ donation for over decade and a half in India. The ‘Transplant Games' are the part of the educational programmes of the Foundation.

Dr. Bharat Shah, founder of the Foundation says, "This is one of the most emotionally overwhelming events for us. It is such a pride and pleasure to watch the enthusiasts coming from different parts of the country to participate in the games. This event has been inspiring not only many potential recipients and donors but also the Foundation to keep working in this direction relentlessly."

The cricketer Vinod Kambli, said, "This is a great cause that the foundation is promoting and creating awareness. I appeal to the celebrities and people that they should take initiative in donating their body organs." It may be recalled that Kambli had already pledged his body organs to the Narmada Kidney Foundation last year by signing the Donor's Card. Cricketer Wasim Jaffer was also present at the event.

"I gifted my kidney about 14 months ago to my brother. I had apprehensions about the surgery. However, I was guided by the Narmada Kidney Foundation about the entire procedures and they stood beside me supporting me before, during and even after the surgery. Now I am physically fit and do all sorts of daily physical activities without difficulties. I am here, participating in the games, to prove the fact that donating an organ is not a physical loss but certainly a big emotional gain," said, Mr. Vinay G. Vijan

Similarly, Ms.Mehta Pamela Ramesh (57), who is an organ recipient said, "I was on dialysis for three years. Still, my family and I kept the hopes alive. I was receiving cadaver kidney but my husband came forward. He is a diabetes patient and hence, many doctors had instructed him not to transplant his kidney into mine. However, Dr Bharat Shah guided us appropriately and took the risk on our wish. He transplanted my husband's kidney into mine. We both are leading a happy life as we have been for years now."

About 150 to 200 individuals participated in the Transplant Games being held on November 21, 2010. The event was organsied at the Goregaon Sports Club.

About Narmada Kidney Foundation:

Narmada Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working for kidney patients in the country for over decade and a half. Dr. Bharat Shah, an eminent Nephrologists envisaged the need of such an organization to facilitate the ever increasing kidney patients in the country. As per estimates, every year about 4 lakh people are diagnosed with kidney failure. Whereas, the number of kidney donors is very less. Hence, the gap of increasing number of patients and limited number of donors has been widening year on year.

Narmada Kidney Foundation conducts regular workshops at its office and various other facilities to educate people on kidney diseases and motivate people to donate organs as a humanity cause. The Foundation also organizes various activities like, Transplant Games and Donors' Day every year. On Donors'Day the donors are felicitated to motivate potential donors. These activities also raise hopes for the kidney patients.


  • Help people take care of their kidneys and prevent kidney diseases.
  • Help patients and their families understand kidney diseases and options for treatment.
  • Provide a support group for kidney patients and to help them cope with the disease.
  • Promote cadaver organ transplantation.

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LinOpinion, a Division of Lintas

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LinOpinion, a Division of Lintas

Over 150 organ donors and recipients participated in the event.

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