Videowaves organizes workshop on AV equipments

| Marketing | April 26, 2013 | News

Videowaves, a company specializing in AV equipments, organized its own workshop called ‘The AV workshop' earlier this month at Juhu Club in Mumbai. The workshop was for professionals involved in the AV industry and was organized and executed by Videowaves itself.

Commenting on how the workshop was initiated, Kunal Bhatia, Founder and Director, Videowaves said: "The workshop was initiated due to continuous requests made by various agencies asking us to update and train their executives about the technicalities associated with audio visual equipment. The objective behind conducting such a workshop was to make the executives feel confident in terms of offering the right product for the required solution, and to help them make a proper inventory list and communicate with AV technicians."

The setup for the workshop was designed in order to be able impart information in the most effective manner. It consisted of an 18 x 6 foot Watchout screen with three projectors sporting short throw lenses, Watchout servers, one 5 mm pitch LED wall, and one 10 mm pitch LED wall. This setup was used to show participants live geometric correction using Watchout, live mirroring of images, use of different font sizes on 5 mm and 10 mm LED walls, different kinds of aspect ratios and image distortions, and cross projection.

The workshop started off with registrations followed by the welcoming of the guests and the introduction of Kunal Bhatia. After that a four hour interactive session took place where Kunal Bhatia gave in-depth information about various aspects of AV equipment and its usage. This was followed by a question and answer session, and then dinner to end the workshop. Some of the topics covered at the workshop were aspect ratios, different kinds of projectors and lenses for various applications, possibilities and technicalities associated with Watchout software, single and multiple camera setups etc.

The AV workshop, which was promoted through email invites to some of Videowaves' clients and agencies, was attended by over 70 professionals including company heads, production and client servicing executives from various agencies etc. Some of the agencies that attended were Percept, Seventy Seven Entertainment, Showbiz, Candid Marketing, Three D Events, Sheer Management, and Horizon WIE to name a few.

Shedding some light on the challenges organizing the workshop brought up, Bhatia said: "Since such content is not readily available in any book or on the internet, Kunal Bhatia, along with his technical team put in immense efforts in creating and compiling the content. The response to our initial mail invitation was tremendous. Most agencies wanted to send groups of 10 to 20 executives for the workshop. As it was initially planned for about 50 to 60 people, we had a tough time convincing them to restrict the team size to five executives per agency. We still ended up having 84 participants."

The workshop was attended by over 70 professionals involved in the AV industry.

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