Update: Artistaloud.com to make Music Day an annual affair

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As reported earlier by EVENTFAQS, Artistaloud.com, on March 2, organized a live webcert marathon, called Seagram's FUEL Music Day, with 50 artistes performing at Rangsharda Auditorium in Bandra, Mumbai. The performances were transmitted live over the internet.

Presented by Seagram's FUEL, the webcert marathon lasted for nine hours. Speaking to EVENTFAQS about the event, Soumini Paul, General Manager, Artistaloud.com said: "The idea of doing a webcert marathon came about through discussions about how to create a buzz about its revamped website and new logo, as well as to celebrate its second anniversary in a way that brings about consumer involvement. We are now going to make this an annual affair."

Commenting on how Artistaloud.com associated with Seagram's for the event, Paul said that the liquor brand associated with Artistaloud.com earlier for a property called Thank God Its Rock on Friday (TGIRF). This property was only focused on the rock genre, unlike the Music Day event which was about all types of genres. "The Seagram's brand has a strong connect to music and blended well with the event. In fact, we are in talks to extend our association with Seagram's for TGIRF 2."

Besides being transmitted online, the webcert marathon did have an on-ground aspect, as the company invited guests who were clients, media personnel and Artistaloud.com's employee base to attend the event. Seagram's Music Day was promoted through radio, posters and advertisements.

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A discussion on creating a buzz over its website and its second anniversary led to the creation of the property.

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