Tissot launches Tissot Racing-Touch watch through Deepika Padukone

| Marketing | April 12, 2013 | News

The latest offering from Tissot, Tissot Racing-Touch, was unveiled by Deepika Padukone, the brand ambassador of Tissot. The launch event took place on April 8 at ITC Grand Central in Mumbai. The event was conceptualized, coordinated and executed by We MediaWorks. It was attended by more than 125 people including Tissot's trade partners from across India and the press.

Speaking about the association between Tissot and We MediaWorks, Amanda Brown, Founder-Director, We MediaWorks, said: "The comfort factor and the previous experience of handling several launches for Swatch Group India was the building block for the association between We MediaWorks and Tissot. It is a much cherished relationship with Swatch Group India which began in 2002. The mandate was to conceptualize and put together an effective press event that not only showcased the watch but also highlighted the various features of the watch."

Once the guests (press and trade partners) were seated, emcee Siddhartha Kannan welcomed everyone on behalf of Tissot and called on stage Manoj Subramanian - Brand Manager, Tissot. Post his welcome address, the emcee introduced a specially choreographed act which served as a prelude to the launch sequence. The act, performed by Ficticious Dance Group, was designed to represent a fast moving and quick changing act comprising different formations and acrobatic moves. The attire of the dance troupe was sporty to lend a sporty feel to the choreography, while depicting the diverse functions of the watch.

Post the entertainment act, the backdrop (LED screen) split to reveal Deepika Padukone and Olivier Cosandier, VP - Sales, Swatch Group. Cosandier presented the new Tissot Racing-Touch to Padukone. Post the presentation of the watch, a press photo opportunity followed. The press was then coordinated for one-on-one interviews with Padukone.

The entire set up, décor and content was ideated keeping the essence of Tissot Racing-Touch in mind. The set up comprised a registration backdrop and desk to register the press and hand over the press dockets. There was a backdrop showcasing the graphic communication of the watch in front of which the actual watch was displayed. The stage consisted of panels showcasing the communication 'Performance at your fingertips' with graphics signifying speed. There was also an area set up for the press to interview Padukone.

Commenting on the event, Brown said: "The highlight of the show was the choreographed launch act by Fictitious Dance Group which received applause and even an occasional catcall from the guests. The presence of Tissot's brand ambassador Deepika Padukone made the launch event a much memorable one. The whole event from conceptualization to execution was flawless and showcased the many years of experience the team at We MediaWorks had put in to detail and execute an event sans glitches."

We MediaWorks was appointed to execute the launch event for the press and Tissot's trade partners.

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