Times Foundation creates new property, Youth Peace Fest 2014

| Marketing | February 13, 2014 | News

Contrary to what the title suggests, the Youth Peace Fest is not a cross border initiative, but a means to find peace within oneself. The youth today face increasing pressure from all fronts, work, study, and the constant distraction of technology. So was born, Youth Peace Fest, an initiative focusing on the peace and well-being of young people. The event, organised by the Times Foundation and the Raj Vidya Kender, was launched on Feb 2. and more than two lakh youth gathered Rohini Sector 23, New Delhi. Prem Rawat, a motivational speaker from the US, who has been granted the honorary title of Peace Ambassador by government institutions, addressed the crowd.

Youth Peace Fest is a step towards redressing the balance and bringing attention to the individual’s need for peace in one’s busy lives. The theme of the 1st edition of the fest was “7 Billion Reasons for Peace” the number representing the population of humanity, with each person being an important reason for peace. The idea was to inspire hope as well as affect a call for action.

The event saw music shows, audio visual presentations and interactive talks by many wellness experts. The setup was open air with a basic stage and much mingling around. The event was broadcasted on the largest LED screen in India and recorded for television to be broadcast globally at a later date.

Speaking on the launch of Youth Peace Fest in India, Prem Rawat stated, “Peace is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Despite all our technological advancements, it is peace that will be our greatest achievement. Peace is more than political peace. It is fundamental to the existence and well-being of a human being to have peace in their life.”

At the fest, through his talks, Prem Rawat presented the possibility of peace for those who wish to pursue it. As an extension of a global campaign, this fest will soon be organised in other parts of India.

The Foundation engaged over two lakh youth through interactive talks and music shows to address the issue of wellness.

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