Tata Power and Growel’s 101 partner for energy conservation

| Marketing | July 5, 2013 | News

With a view to educate retailers and consumers about the benefits of saving energy, Growel's 101 Mall and Tata Power recently organized a workshop within the mall's premises. A joint venture of the two brands, the workshop was held in the mall's banquet hall on the afternoon of June 25. The 2-hour workshop mainly focused on educating retailers about the benefits of saving energy and on giving them a few tips to reduce energy consumption and wastage.

In-house retailers were the main target of the workshop, but even customers were welcomed if they wished to attend. The energy consumption of the retailers differs on the basis of the type of store they manage, and hence it was essential to acquaint them all with the merits of energy conservation, to bring them on common ground. The workshop was conducted by the chief engineer of Growel's Mall along with two staff members from Tata Power. Three quarters of the participants were retailers, and the rest customers.

Commenting on Growel's association with Tata Power, Prasad Rane, Deputy General Manager, Growel's 101 Mall, said: "We have been using Tata's power supply since a while now, and have initiated several innovative techniques to conserve power and water in the mall premises, like installation of automatic light sensors in the bathrooms. We also won the Tata Power Energy Conservation Award for our eco-friendly ideas within the mall. Since saving energy and water benefits the entire community, this workshop is just an amplification of our relationship with Tata."

The banquet hall was set up with a stage and seating arrangements, and snacks were provided to all participants during the workshop. Apart from tips on energy conservation, the workshop also familiarized the attendees with electricity bill terminology and ways to reduce the bill. Useful tips on reducing usage between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., electrical safety, proper earthing in the house and use of 3-pin plugs were given.

In order to encourage participation in the workshop, several promotional activities were conducted. E-mailers were sent out to all customers enrolled in the loyalty programs and e-invites were sent to CEOs of companies that retail within the mall, asking them to encourage their store teams to attend the workshop. Besides this, personal invites and SMSs were sent to all store managers and their teams. Within the mall, approximately 30 easels were put up and a few standees were stationed on the floors to communicate workshop details to interested participants.

When asked about the future plans for similar workshops, Rane said: "Energy conservation is something that needs wide support for it to be impactful and actually make a difference. So the mall has been propagating energy conservation since its inception in 2010. In the past, we usually had small campaigns that involved posting standees on the floor, who would generate awareness for saving energy among both customers and retailers. In the future, we plan to have a blend of both standees and workshops. We are looking at conducting a water conservation initiative in October this year."

The two brands jointly held a workshop to give useful tips to in-house retailers about the merits of saving power.

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