Siddhi Vinayak Logistic launches campaign with Karishma Kapoor

| Marketing | September 5, 2013 | News

Siddhi Vinayak Logistic Ltd. (SVLL), a road transportation and logistics company in India, recently announced the launch of Driver's Day Campaign, a CSR initiative in appreciation of truck drivers, who are the backbone of the road logistics industry. Actress Karishma Kapoor and industry veterans graced the launch event in support of the cause. The event was executed by U and I Resources.

As part of its CSR initiative, SVLL will celebrate Sept. 17 as ‘Driver's Day' in India year-on-year to recognize and celebrate the hard work and contribution of these drivers towards the growth of the logistics sector in India and their role in nation-building.

Speaking about the initiative, RC Baid, Chairman and Chief Mentor, Siddhi Vinayak Logistics Ltd. said: "Logistics sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and drivers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this industry. There is a pressing need to orient these drivers, accord them the security, dignity and respect they truly deserve for their relentless day-to-day struggle and contribution towards economic development of the country. Through this unique initiative, we would like to encourage their spirit and acknowledge their contribution to our society."

The launch was attended by about 70 people, including members of the media, logistics and automobile industry. This event saw the support and guidance of partners like KRK Foundation, Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, CV Magazine and All India Motor Transport Congress. The cause is also supported by industry veterans/dignitaries like Dilip Chhabaria and representatives of companies like Ashok Layland, KRK, AIMTC, Icher, SVLL, Bank of Maharashtra, Tata Motors, Fast Trackers, TSI, etc.

Speaking about how the association came about with SVLL, Sandeep Modi, Director, U and I Resources said: "U and I Resources is working as a brand management company for SVLL. Our role involves managing the brand's CSR activations, promotions, media releases and events."

Adding further about the initiative, Deepak Baid, Director, Siddhi Vinayak Logistic Ltd. said: "In line with our commitment to honour and create respectable livelihood for drivers, we launched the ‘Chalak se Malak' CSR initiative last year to ensure professionalism amongst the drivers and to give them a social status by allowing them access to own the trucks they drive. The ‘Driver's Day' campaign is an extension of our support to the drivers in the country, who are the foundation of the logistics industry. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the industry veterans who have come in support of this cause and made themselves available at this launch event."

Emcee Angela Rebello welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction on the launch event and initiative. A few representatives spoke about the initiative before a presentation. Special guest Karishma Kapoor then spoke about her association with the cause. The unveiling of the logo and t-shirt then took place. After a photo opportunity, the specially created theme song was launched, an AV was played and few other dignitaries at the event spoke a few words on the occasion. A media Q&A session was followed by lunch, where the event culminated.

Special guest Karishma Kapoor spoke on the occasion: "I would like to take this opportunity to applaud and thank all the drivers in India who are working in difficult conditions, through odd-hours, away from family and friends, just to keep our lives going smoothly. I am pleased to be here to launch the ‘Driver's Day' Campaign and I am looking forward to the special day and the celebrations planned by Siddhi Vinayak Logistic for the drivers."

As part of the pan-India campaign, several pre-event activations, promotions and publicity will be undertaken to create noise and awareness about this cause and initiative. One of the most vital activities will be road safety training given to all the drivers. On the day, various initiatives like health camps, education for their children, gift distribution, special food arrangements and many such driver engagement activities will be undertaken across the country to encourage and support drivers.

Road shows will be conducted to attract attention. Hoardings will also be placed at selected routes on highways and on selected locations in the city for advertising the day. SVLL aims to create a buzz about the activities and the day by using social media platforms and blogging. 6000 trucks of of SVLL will be having banners on the day. Banners will also be placed on hotels and dhabas on highways. Toll plazas will have banners of the day with social messages.

There will be planned activities on the day of the event which will be done at different signals, various taxi and bus stands and other major locations which attract drivers. ‘Human bannering' will also be done in the city. Various corporate will be requested to provide free food to the drivers on the day.

There is a 15-day radio campaign before the day where introduction on this new initiative will be given at regular intervals. Driver interviews will also be conducted on radio to keep the buzz going. Apart from the radio, there will also be newspaper ads.

The Driver’s Day campaign is a CSR initiative in appreciation of drivers on Sept. 17 every year.

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