Puma celebrates music with ‘Puma Loves Vinyl’

| Marketing | June 26, 2012 | News

Puma and NH7, the largest platform for independent music in India, came together to create the Puma Loves Vinyl campaign. What used to be a standard for the music industry, Vinyl has since become a niche subculture. With Puma Loves Vinyl, the brand celebrates the renaissance of Analog with true music lovers.

Commenting on the initiative, Rajiv Mehta, Managing Director, PUMA India & South East Asia said: "This initiative exemplifies our mission of becoming the most desirable Sportlifestyle brand. Puma has always attempted to be different and ahead of trend, and Puma Loves Vinyl is no exception. To experience the true physicality of music, one has to go back to the LP and a true music lover knows a record's worth. The artists are the best in the business and we aim to own the Vinyl space with this campaign."

Vinyl is seeing renewed interest in India, which could make Puma's limited edition LP be seen as a collector's item for music lovers. Regarding how this property came to be, Mehta said: "This initiative was conceptualized in-house at Puma. We were inspired by the microgroove sessions at Zenzi in Bombay conducted by NH7, and so we collaborated with them to create the Puma Loves Vinyl property. The objective is to appeal to the creative expressionists and hipster community in India who are passionate about music. Vinyl is making a comeback amongst this audience and we thought this would be the best way to connect with them on an emotional level."

This campaign saw the biggest and most talented bands from across the country collaborating with Puma to create a limited edition Vinyl record featuring original Puma social songs. For this initiative, Puma joined hands with artists like Karsh Kale, Reggae Rajahs, Ankur and the Ghalat Family, Tough on Tobacco, Gaurav (from the MidivalPunditz), Dualist Inquiry, and The Supersonics, each of whom created a track inspired by Puma Social. According to Mehta, the artists loved the idea of recording original songs on a Vinyl record as this has never been done in India before.

The launch event offered a vinyl listening session curated by RayG, followed by music gigs by Ankur Tewari and the Ghalat family, Supersonics, Dualist Inquiry, Tough on Tobacco and Reggae Rajahs. The evening also included LP cover design contests and competitive games like foosball, darts and ping pong. The décor at the venue was mainly vinyl inspired art installations which were created using old vinyls. The highlight of the installations was the Puma cat. A store selling Puma clothes, shoes and accessories was also set up at the venue.

The launch event took place on June 23 at Mehboob Studios in Bandra, Mumbai, and was executed by Cream Events. Harshad Chavan, MD, Cream Events said: "Puma wanted to create a destination for music lovers who understand the nuances of music. Cream has been associated with Puma for three and a half years now implementing each of their events, and they trust us to come up with innovative ideas and, more importantly, implement them with panache. I am proud to have delivered to Puma what they wanted - utter pandemonium."

Speaking about the promotions for the campaign, Mehta said: "We haven't spent any money on ATL promotions, but are heavily promoting the idea through our strong digital network, online influencers, creative expressionists, etc. Moreover, we are holding an album cover design project to encourage designers, illustrators, etc. to submit their entries. Five winning entries will become the Vinyl album cover. The event has also generated a lot of buzz in terms of PR." Smaller gigs featuring individual bands from the record will also take place at key Puma stores in Delhi and Mumbai, wherein the final LP will be given away.

The launch of this music festival, on June 23 at Mehboob Studios, Mumbai, was managed by Cream Events.

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