Percept announces ‘Tuborg Sunburn Goa 2010’

| Marketing | October 29, 2010 | News

Percept Limited has announced ‘Tuborg Sunburn Goa 2010', a three day extravaganza from December 27 to 29 at Cardolim Beach, Goa. The associate sponsor of the event is XXX Energy Drink and co-sponsors are Vh1, MTV, Bailey, Saint Juice, Eristoff and Bingo. Inaugurated in 2007, Sunburn is a three day electronic dance music festival held annually, and this years extravaganza has over 60 acts lined up.

On the contribution of the event to Tuborg's brand, Devapriya Khanna, Director Marketing, Carlsberg India, "The Sunburn festival represents fun and music. The essence of Tuborg, ‘the Fun Starter' is centered around fun. Using music as a platform has greatly increased its popularity among the youth world over including India. The brand is associated with international music events like Green Fest in Europe, Roskilde Festival in Denmark and the Download Festival in Great Britain. As the worldwide slogan "The Fun Starts Here!" suggests, the brand is aimed at consumers who are youthful, "with it", social and who want to live life to the fullest. Sunburn Festival provides us with the perfect platform to reiterate our core messaging amongst our target audience."


On the purpose of the festival and the response it generates, Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Limited said, "Sunburn brings together DJs from across the globe with the dual objective of consolidating and showcasing global talent and fostering a spirit of community and harmony through music. This festival has been in line with some of the largest international music festivals and has also been ranked by CNN as one of the ‘Top 10 Festivals in the World'. The response we have received from the Indian audiences proves that this genre of electronic music has been catching on at a rapid pace."

This year, Sunburn focuses on music producers, and also features ‘Sunburn Anthem and Video Contest'. The contestants will be given original parts of the track, ‘Love Story by Nadia Ali', the official Anthem for the festival, which they will need to remix into an original composition. The winning track will be featured on the ‘Sunburn Anthem compilation' along with acclaimed international and domestic artists.

In its effort to bring forth all the elements of the EDM scene, visual jockeys (VJs) can showcase their talent by creating a visual extravaganza on a 60 second B.R.E.E.D. track. The winning entry will be a part of ‘Sunburn's New Experimental Stage'. This year Suburn also presents the People's Choice Award, where the Sunburn community can vote for their favorite audio producers.

The event will feature DJs from the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene like Ferry Corstenconsistently, Axwell, Brian Transeau, and Richard Durand. Other partners are Submerge, 360 CMS,, Indivibe, MyFavDJ, and Party Hard Drivers.

The annual music festival will be held from December 27 to 29 at Cardolim Beach, Goa.

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