Percept Activ gives Gujarat a taste of Bihar

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Percept Activ executed a two-day roadshow, ‘Blissful Bihar', for the Bihar Tourism Board in Surat, Gujarat. The roadshow aimed at showcasing the extensive tourist attractions of Bihar to the populace of Gujarat.

The roadshow started with a press conference addressed by the state tourism officials. The agenda of the press conference was to present the traditional and cultural prosperity of Bihar and discuss the various initiatives and programs undertaken to boost the domestic tourism in Bihar. The panel touched upon the various culturally rich attractions to draw tourists from Gujarat.

The press conference was followed by a special cultural program including dance and music performance by specialized folk artists from Bihar. The activity centre comprised of various stalls showcasing different handicrafts from Bihar like the Madhubani paintings, Sikki art work and Bhagalpur silk along with delectable Bihari cuisine, to name a few.

People from various walks of life including students, government and corporate employees were invited to experience the Mini Bihar created by Percept Activ with all the various exciting activities planned during the roadshows.

Commenting on the execution of Blissful Bihar, Sanjay Shukla, COO, Percept Activ said: "Tourism is a fascinating storyboard of heritage and history, and India has it all. Over the years, however, things have changed and progressive India is the new face. In sync with the progress the state has witnessed in recent times, when Bihar wished to present its agenda with a fresh outlook to the whole of India, we sketched a modern roadmap for the Bihar Tourism Board. The challenge was to creatively present Bihar while bringing alive the bliss factor of the state, moving beyond the tag of heritage alone. The roadshow was a holistic platform for the newsmakers of Gujarat, simultaneously presenting Bihar on a colourful canvas of art, culture and tradition - a platter to explore for the Gujarati community as a whole. Right from the creative thought process to the execution, the team did an amazing job to help Bihar make a memorable impression at the outset."

Speaking about the initiative, Gurfan Ahaman, Joint Director, Bihar Tourism said: "The core agenda of this initiative was to bring the people of Gujarat to experience Blissful Bihar. We are employing a variety of initiatives to promote Bihar as an emerging preferred tourist destination in times to come."

Percept Activ executed a two-day roadshow for the Bihar Tourism Board to attract tourists from Gujarat.

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