OML brings DJ David Guetta to headline Eristoff Invasion

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Only Much Louder (OML), in partnership with UKNY Music, will organise the second edition of the Eristoff Invasion at Huda Grounds in New Delhi on March 9; at Amanora Park Town in Pune on March 10; and at Palace Grounds in Bangalore on March 11. The first edition of Eristoff Invasion, held in January 2011, saw British band The Prodigy headline the festival, which travelled to Bangalore and New Delhi. This edition will bring DJ David Guetta to India.

Since its launch, Eristoff, from the house of Bacardi, has strived to deliver unique experiences to its patrons, such as the Ersitoff Invasion and the Wolf Night parties. In line with the brand's personality of being edgy and bold, Eristoff Invasion brings the best international, contemporary, high-energy acts to India. In its second year, Eristoff Invasion has added Pune to its travel map.

Around 10 to 15 per cent of Only Much Louder's marketing budget has been allocated to BTL activities to promote the event. The event is being promoted through social media and PR and is expected to witness a crowd of 10,000 people in each city.

According to Arvind Krishnan, Director-Marketing, Bacardi India: "Eristoff has always been a highly evolved and edgy brand globally, and encouraged people to live life more instinctively. Eristoff Invasion provides the ideal environment for them to do just that, especially with David Guetta on stage. After introducing The Prodigy last year, we are very excited to now bring David to India and can promise the audiences across the three cities the most thrilling and memorable experience of their lives."

Since the venue earlier decided was Mumbai and not Pune, Vijay Nair, CEO, Only Much Louder said: "We've had to move Eristoff Invasion from Mumbai to Pune because of certain venue licensing issues we faced. Pune is a great city for music and with an audience that has been very supportive of all our events, we're looking forward to bringing David Guetta to Pune in March 2012."

Sponsors associated with the property were Eristoff and UTV Bindaas, who are benefiting through a PR push and social media and outdoor media.

Around 10 to 15 per cent of OML’s marketing budget has been allocated to BTL activities to promote the event.

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