Nokia Lumia promotes safe driving

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All for Lumia. Nokia organised an educative car event with Lumia devices in Kolkata on Feb. 12. This Sunday, over 160 cars participated in a car treasure and scavenger hunt where they traversed through the length and breadth of Kolkata to spread the social message of ‘safe driving'.

In recent times when the number of road accidents in the city has been making headlines, State Bank of India in association with Guide India Publication came forward to organise ‘State Bank of India Kolkata on Wheels Car Treasure Hunt 2012' - India's biggest educative car event with a competitive bent.

Eight puzzles were given to the participating teams. Correct answers to these puzzles let the participants to eight destinations in and around the city of Kolkata covering a distance of 40 kms approximately. The puzzle tested how much the participants knew about the city and aim towards glorifying the City of Joy. At every correct destination, a questionnaire containing two question was handed to the participants. These 16 questions were based on the city of Kolkata and issues of safe driving. The competitors also had to collect 5 scavenger items.

An interesting part of ‘Kolkata On Wheels' was the Nokia Drive section. All participants had to navigate through a 2.9km section with the help of a Nokia Lumia 710, using the unique Nokia Drive feature and Nokia Maps. Nokia Drive, which is a signature experience on Nokia Lumia devices, brings free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation with a dedicated in-car user interface. It is designed for an effortless driving experience and provides a fully-fledged PND-like experience in 50 languages in more than 100 countries. The participants used 30 Nokia Lumia 710 devices to make smart decisions on how to plan the route and how to get there the fastest and easiest way, enabled by voice guided navigation

All the participating cars were being secretly monitored by hidden cameras on the basis of proper driving skills together with obedience to all necessary traffic rules and regulations required on the competition stretch. The top five winners and the best all lady tam were selected on the basis of the maximum time scored. The winners were awarded cash prizes and trophies.

"At Nokia, like always we are committed to connecting people. We combine advanced technology with personalized services that enable people to stay close to what matters to them. With features like Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps integrated in our latest Nokia Lumia smartphones, we are trying to provide a differentiated experience for Nokia Windows Phone users. Nokia Drive lets you drive to any place via the most optimal route, safe and on time." according to Kislay Kumar, General Manager- East, Nokia India

Nokia organised an educative car event with Lumia devices in Kolkata on Feb. 12.

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