Nissan rolls out Nissan Family Fare 2012

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Nissan rolled out ‘Nissan Family Fare 2012', which aimed to make every owner proud to own a Nissan Vehicle on March 4 at Matoshri Sports Club, Jogeshwari, Mumbai. The event was conceptualized by the Nissan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team and Oak's Management Consultancy. The event was hosted by Gunjan Utreja.


The event witnessed six zones - a spa zone, women's zone, a workshop zone, and a fun and kids zone, amongst others. The last zone created was a Crazy Eight Track where guests were encouraged to have a little fun driving on a track which was created for fun. The evening also saw a host of performances by The Puppetarians, Magician - Mangesh Desai, stand up comedians - Kapil Sharma and Shruti Pathak. Furthermore, there were some prizes distributed to winners of the contests, including a ticket for a couple to travel to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Speaking about the event, Shuja Shek. Head - CRM, Nissan said: "Nissan believes that all its customers constitute a large, global Nissan family and hence, the Family Fare. Mumbai Family Fare 2012 was the first family gathering in India after the launch of the first Nissan Indian made car in July 2010. In the past 18 months, the Nissan family has grown substantially in India and hence, the need for a platform where the family can come together. In Oaks Management Consultancy we found an event partner who was on our  wavelength, with a passionate approach from start to finish."

Commenting on the association, Rahul Gomes, Director, Oaks Management Consultancy said: "This was a pitch process amongst three agencies and we won this project on the basis of our creative approach. The event was promoted by Nissan India, who sent invites to 807 Nissan owners, and around 600 people turned up at the venue."

The event was managed by Oaks Management Consultancy and hosted by Gunjan Utreja on March 4 in Mumbai.

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