Mumbai to experience two consecutive weekends of thrift shopping

| Marketing | March 31, 2014 | News

This April, Mumbai is all set to witness two vintage shopping experiences, reminiscent of Goa’s eclectic flea markets. Retailing unique wares, The Lil Flea and High Street Phoenix will be hosting their individual markets with a common objective - to fund various charities and support social causes.

The genesis of The Lil Flea lies in a desire of the founding team to build a thriving community of likeminded people in the city. Scheduled to be held on April 5 and 6 at Reclamation Ground, Bandra, Mumbai, The Lil Flea has expressed its support towards a few social causes, with initiatives like a garage sale for charity, an art auction for Dignity Foundation and an adoption drive for the The Welfare of Stray Dogs.

Elaborating on the thought behind it, co-founders Alankar Jain and Priyanka Punjabi, explained: “The Lil Flea is our attempt to pay respect to creativity and also a way to get together on one platform the best of Mumbai’s artists, mavericks, outliers, designers, chefs and start-ups to create a thriving community that can help make our great city’s art and creative scene that much more happening. It will also give an opportunity to the people of Mumbai to experience a weekend beyond the malls and discover cool finds, amazing food, great bargains, unique products and services.”

Art installations will dot the venue, where over 100 home décor and furniture brands, clothing companies, accessory designers and pop-up shops will showcase their exclusive products. Workshops for pottery, hair braiding and cupcake making will take place throughout the day, with numerous booths offering experimental cuisines. The Lil Pop-Up café at the market will also serve as a replenishment centre with live music and short film screenings.

Along similar lines, High Street Phoenix’s initiative, held in association with Back Alley – The Thrift Shop, is supportive of the gradually growing trend of analogous fashion. The two-day shopping fest will be held on April 12 and 13, within the Courtyard of HSP. The proceeds from the event will be donated to charities like DEEDS, UNITED and the Sri Satya Sai School Trust in Pune.

The products will be sourced from the residents of Mumbai, who are urged to donate a range of items like apparel, books, home decor artifacts, accessories, vinyl, CDs and other unused items. The crowd sourced items will be closely examined before they are put on sale at the recreated venue.

High Street Phoenix’s thrift shop and The Lil Flea will both donate the proceeds to charities across India.

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