Monnet Group signs up as team sponsor of Indian Boxing Federation

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Monnet Ispat and Energy Ltd (MIEL), a part of the diversified conglomerate Monnet Group, has signed a $ 1 million deal to become the team sponsor of the Indian Boxing Federation (IBF) for the next three years. The Group, along with Percept Ltd, have also launched 'Fight Nights' - India's first ever indoor exhibition boxing bouts between top Indian and international boxers, which will be held across the country at periodic intervals.
Sandeep Jajodia, Executive Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, MIEL, said, "Boxing, for Monnet, makes a lot of sense. From a sport lover's perspective, it can be seen that Indian boxers have been delivering consistently over the past few years and now with this deal, I hope it pushes them to the next level in getting more glory for the country. From a point of view of the values – both the sport and our primary product – steel has the same values of strength, resilience and the resolve to withstand any 'punch' that is thrown."
Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Ltd, added, "A large populous nation such as India cannot thrive on a single sport. The quick fire quotient present in the sport of boxing provides a perfect alternative sport for our audiences. 'Fight Night' will provide the ideal fast-paced sporting entertainment option that today's audiences crave for. Every sport needs superstars to drive interest, popularity and engagement with the audiences, and with luminaries like Vijender Singh, Suranjoy Singh and other talented stars leading the way in this arena, boxing can only become more popular."
Abhay Singh Chautala, President, IBF, said, "I am extremely happy and thrilled at the support boxing is getting in the form of sponsorship that Monnet Group is providing to IBF. This is a sign of good work that we have been trying to do; this was just the right boost that we needed to keep working much harder into making our boxers the world beaters that they already are on their way of becoming."
The on-ground boxing event intends to showcase an ideal mix of the entertaining sport of boxing with live entertainment, combined with a premium experience for the audience. Percept plans to organise 'Fight Night' bouts in various places across the country at regular intervals.

Organisers claim that there will be a huge frenzy which will preset two weeks before every 'Fight Night', with sponsors rolling out with multimedia campaigns and boxers making appearances at various high-traffic locations. Hoardings, billboards and cut-outs of the competing boxers of the forthcoming bouts will be showcased at different places. The detailed plan for 'Fight Night' will be announced in the coming weeks.
In a bid to make boxing and 'Fight Night' a common man's sport and a family outing, Percept will also have interactive contests woven around it. Matches will also be played at interesting venues like malls, multiplexes, discos, clubs, open grounds, college campuses, amusement and theme parks, etc.

Percept has came on board as an exclusive marketing partner for IBF for four years - till 2014. As a marketing partner, Percept will be primarily responsible to promote Indian boxing talents. It will also promote the Indian Series of Boxing which would take off after the World Series of Boxing scheduled this year. Besides, it will also play an integral part in bringing bilateral, tri-nation and other international boxing events to India.

Monnet and Percept have launched indoor exhibition boxing bouts 'Fight Nights' which will be held at periodic intervals.

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