Times Red Cell manages Microsoft’s ‘Win Big with Original’ campaign

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Microsoft along with The Times of India and Lodestar UM has announced a 30 day long ‘Win BIG with Original' campaign with the purpose of helping the consumer to identify the benefits of using original Windows 7 Operating systems. Times Red Cell has been mandated for the activation.
Elaborating on the initiative, Anindya Ray, General Manager Lodestar UM Delhi said: "Engaging and exciting the PC buying intender is the main reason why we wanted to drive this activity at the IT Hubs of key cities. The dual objective is to drive awareness of the benefits of using original Windows 7, which saves money and keeps the PC secure for life. With this campaign, we are driving PC buyers to the retail stores where they can buy PCs with original Windows, ably supported by the Times of India platform and FM radio channels, both through advertisements as also by driving content".
Further commenting on the association, CR Srinivasan, Director, Times of India, said, "We, at Times Group, are always motivated to add value to our client's business. Our effort is invariably to support and deliver innovative solutions for our clients marketing objectives while keeping in mind our readers benefit. ‘Win BIG with Original' is one such concept that BCCL co-created with Microsoft and Lodestar UM."
The ‘Win BIG with Original' campaign program would target various IT hubs across eight cities including Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Patna and Vizag. Interrupt marketing would be used in this initiative as a tool for direct customer engagement.
Microsoft has brought its MSE robot for the campaign, which will be seen across various IT hubs not only reinforcing the benefits of using genuine Windows 7 software but also reinstating counterfeit discs and propagating promotional offers like trip to Thailand, LCD Television and X-boxes on purchase.

The campaign program would target various IT hubs across eight cities.

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