ITC Classmate’s ‘Follow Your Heart’ campaign encourages kids to dream

| Marketing | August 29, 2013 | News

The second edition of ITC Classmate's Follow Your Heart campaign was held recently, in the form of a press briefing and a panel discussion which were broadcasted across the country. In line with Classmate's brand message, ‘Celebrating Uniqueness', the main idea behind this event was to encourage children to follow their dreams. The actual event was held on Aug. 23 at Indian Education Society in Mumbai, whereas its live telecast reached more than 35000+ students across 75 schools in 15 cities across India. This event and its simultaneous telecast were handled by Krayon, the events vertical of Edumedia.

Renowned actor and singer, Ayushmaan Khurana, actress, Soha Ali Khan, Indian dancer and choreographer, Terence Lewis, and Indian author Ravinder Singh participated in the panel discussion, sharing their real life experiences in the fields of cinema, literature, dance and theatre. These achievers were selected based on their varied backgrounds, and each of them spoke about how they fought all odds to achieve their dreams. Besides the panel discussion, an interactive session with mainline media and bloggers was also planned during the event.

Speaking about how this event will leverage Classmate as a brand, Abhishek Anand, Marketing Manager - Education and Stationery Products, ITC, said: "Classmate believes in the uniqueness of each individual and encourages them to pursue their true calling. This event is putting the brand thought of ‘Celebrating Uniqueness' to action through real life examples of recognized icons, Individuals who have broken convention and have emerged successful in their respective fields of choice. This event has a strong connect with the Classmate brand thought and will help in building a connect with its audience."

Krayon has been working with the organizers since about a decade now, handling its properties and promotions. It also managed the first edition of this campaign last year where an on-ground talk series was conducted at four different schools in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh, reaching more than 2000 students. Primarily targeted at students within the age group of 12 and 18, the discussion this year could also be viewed by parents and teachers, as they are considered the influencers of a student's career choices.

When asked about how they went about planning for the event, Tabassum Modi, Executive Director, Krayon, said: "Our target was to reach out to as many children as possible with the exact same quality of the webcast. We thought of a webinar as the perfect solution to the problem of the celebrities not being able to travel across the country. This year, the event was held on a larger scale with new panelists. We spent about two months planning out the entire run."

Adding further, Modi commented on the challenges faced in executing this event. She said: "The most critical leg of this event was the live telecast across the country. We expected glitches since this was purely a tech-based event and we had to ensure the fabric of the content, download speed and set-up was consistent throughout. We first had to identify the bandwidths in each school and conduct several tests to ensure we didn't have to deal with any last minute issues. A dry run was conducted on the day before too."

The event could be viewed on the Classmate Facebook page and on the exclusive mobile application created for this initiative. In the run up to the event, several on-ground and online activities were undertaken to create a buzz about the event. Online activities included a Q&A contest with the celebrities, videos on Facebook and YouTube, celebrity posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. As part of the on-ground promotion, all the schools where the webcast was screened were advertised with posters.

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Executed by Krayon, this discussion was broadcasted live across the country, reaching out to over 35,000 students.

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