Innovations India organizes event to ‘Beat the Heat’

| Marketing | May 31, 2013 | News

‘Beat the Heat', a series of rain dances organized across the country by Innovations India, saw one of its events take place on May 25 at Wheler's Club in Meerut. The event catered to the sophisticated and suave individuals of the city and was executed by Innovations India itself.

The event offers a unique opportunity for people from all cultures to get together, mingle and enjoy the cool rain when the rest of the city is reeling under terrible heat. Commenting on the purpose of the event, Rahul Bali, Managing Director, Innovations India Advertising & Events Pvt. Ltd. said: "The main objective of the event is to experience unadulterated enjoyment across the cross section of society at a time when people are devoid of entertainment because of the unbearable heat."

In order to convert the club into a rain dance floor, huge water sprinklers specially fabricated according to the size of the huge dancing floor of the club, were mounted on a trussing. The setup was intentionally fixed-up adjacent to the club swimming pool so as to ensure uninterrupted flow of water and thereby ensure continuous rain. A stage was also created to host the celebrity DJ for the evening - DJ Rohit from Dubai - who played lilting music in order to entertain the fully drenched audience.

Television anchor and model Mehak was the emcee for the event and conducted a number of exciting games on the dance floor while giving away lucrative prizes to the winners. Additionally, a huge video wall was installed which covered the event live for the benefit of all those members of the audience who enjoy watching themselves dance and get drenched.

The challenge faced by the organisers was the worry of the water supply and the force of the sprinklers. Once the dance floor was open, the sprinklers had to continuously be on for three hours until the end of the event and at the same time the force of the water had to be strong to give the ‘heavy rain' effect. The other main challenge was the security aspect, keeping in mind that the event was being organised in Meerut.

Shedding some light on how these challenges were overcome, Bali said: "For the heavy rain effect we used two heavy duty motors to pump up the water and increase the force of the water sprinklers. As far as the water supply was concerned, we used the club's swimming pool as a resource. We had also kept four water tankers and a fire brigade on stand-by to ensure the desired effect. As far as security was concerned, we had a super strong security cover to instill a feeling of safety and security amongst the crowd by hiring enough bouncers and security staff from a leading security provider. The event went off very smoothly and Meerut rocked in a manner like never before."

In order to promote the event, which saw around 1,000 people attend, a number of activities were carried out and a number of mediums used. A press interaction session was organised in Meerut where representatives of all leading newspaper of the city attended. The event was well covered in the local print media as well. Apart from this, a number of hoardings were put up across Meerut to create a buzz about the event. Other publicity tools were also engaged like posters which were put up at all leading stores that draw young crowds. These stores included Archies galleries, Hallmark card stores, Cafe Coffee Day and Barista outlets. The event was also publicised by way of articles and advertisements in the monthly newsletter of the Wheler Club, Meerut.

The whole event was sponsored by Innovations India in order to register ‘Beat the Heat' as their exclusive property in the minds of the public. However, plans for bringing in a partner for future events are in the making. Commenting on the property and its future plans, Bali said: "Our USP is that we not only suggest innovative workable concepts, but also actually convert them into reality by executing them flawlessly. We want the ‘Beat the Heat' rain dances to be one of our well established pan-India event properties that we intend on conducting every year. We are in the final stages of closing the sponsorship deal with a leading FMCG company for the upcoming events in five cities across North India. We have a vision of making this the biggest rain dance event of the country by the end of 2014."


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‘Beat the Heat’ is a series of rain dances organized across the country when the heat wave is at its peak.

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