HSP and UWM jointly host Maadhyam to celebrate Joy of Giving Week

| Marketing | September 30, 2013 | News

High Street Phoenix (HSP) and non-profit organization United Way Mumbai (UWM) are jointly celebrating Joy of Giving Week by hosting Maadhyam, a charity festival that connects the citizens of Mumbai, corporates and organizations to various NGOs under a festive environment. The interactive event seeks participation from citizens, artists and celebrities to come together on Oct 7 and 8 at the Courtyard inside High Street Phoenix in Mumbai.

Commenting on the objective of the event, Jayanti Shukla, Executive Director, United Way of Mumbai, said: "United Way of Mumbai is a non-profit organization that endeavors to leverage corporate, employee and leadership talent for community development. We work to advance the common good by supporting and encouraging philanthropy while building bridges between donors and beneficiaries. Through Maadhyam we aim to sensitize a larger audience to support the inspiring work that the participating charities do through an interactive and fun event. The proceeds of all sales from the fantastic NGO products on display and all donations received at the wish tree go directly to the concerned NGO."

Maadhyam is set to serve as an opportunity to introduce several charities and causes to citizens through interaction by way of NGO products, engagement activities and volunteering opportunities. This 2-day event will see a host of activities, performances, celebrity visits and stalls with goodies on sale. Live performances by singers, Poorvi Koutish, Shraddha Sharma and Farhan Saeed, progressive band, Coshish and comic troupe Schitzengiggles, have been planned to keep audiences engaged throughout the two-day event.

The focal point of the event is the ‘Wish Tree' made from recycled materials. The tree will be surrounded by stalls and activity zones and monetary collections from these will serve as donations that will be put up on the tree in the form of various sized leaves and fruits corresponding to the value of a donation.

Speaking about the importance of brands engaging in experiential marketing activities on the social front, Rajendra Kalkar, Senior Centre Director, High Street Phoenix, said: "Our worlds are so cluttered these days with numerous brands and services vying for our attention all the time. Every brand needs to do that something 'different' to ensure top-of-the-mind recall for it in the minds of its target audience. This is where experiential marketing plays such a key role and this becomes even more important when we talk about the social front."

Elaborating further, Kalkar said: "In order to make the audience see the credibility of your social initiative, you have to make them a part of it. This is how your campaign will have maximum reach and effect. Eventually the whole idea is to reach as many people as we can, making a difference to as many lives as possible, in whatever way possible. We take so much from the people that as a brand, it is imperative we give back as much as possible."

For this Joy of Giving Week, HSP has published and promoted Maadhyam on its online as well as offline platforms including in-mall signages, newsletters, media mileage, social media pages and on their website. It is also depending largely on word of mouth promotions. This is the second time that High Street Phoenix is participating in the Joy of Giving Week after its first association with Akanksha Foundation in 2011.

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The charity festival is being organized by United Way Mumbai with the support of High Street Phoenix.

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