Haywards 5000 launches new campaign, ‘Hausle ki Goonj’

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In the wake of the success of its Hausla Buland campaign last year with its anthem ‘Har Kadam Haulsa Buland', Haywards 5000, a brand from the SABMiller Group, is now fulfilling its promise to showcase stories inspired by people who have sworn to change the circumstances for the future. This new campaign, ‘Hausle ki Goonj' will be taken nationwide with the anthem being taken to 65 cities in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra (ex-Mumbai), Puducherry and Kerala, where a local singer will perform the anthem in front of the home crowd. The video of the ‘Hausle ki Goonj' initiative will then be aired in each of these cities.

Commenting on the initiative, Derek Jones, Director Marketing, SABMiller India said: "The Hausla Buland campaign last year created a wave of faith and determination within the common man. We promised that we would bring more stories that would inspire our audience to face up to life's challenges with aplomb, and here we are with thousands of stories from across the country. We are glad to see so many people are quietly taking these small steps of courage and resolve and have made their lives better. They are real examples of Hausla Buland and this anthem is dedicated to such epitomes of resolve."

The campaign was launched at the Asia Cup in Bangladesh, when Kailash Kher, the singer of Har Kadam Hausla Buland, performed the song before the India - Pakistan match on March 18. The lyrics of the anthem, written by Javed Akhtar, recreated the magic before the crowd to motivate both the teams at the Shere Bangla National Stadium at Mirpur, Bangladesh.

Speaking on the occasion, singer Kailash Kher said: "It gives me immense pleasure to be part of this campaign which inspires the common man to take the difficult yet truthful path in life. I was thrilled to launch the anthem in front of the passionate crowd present to witness this intense match. I hope this song inspired both the teams to give the match the best they could, just like the people featured in the campaign do on a daily basis."

The video of the Hausla Buland anthem released last year told the stories of three men who faced the challenges in their daily lives with resolve and resilience - a man who showed strength of character by uniting the trader community against weekly extortion ; a man who realized his dream of becoming a writer against all odds, through sheer grit and determination; and a man who, despite peoples' reservations and sometimes his own, sets up a small eatery in one of the remotest and most formidable corners of India, Ladakh.

The campaign will be taken nationwide with the anthem being taken to 65 cities and sung in the local languages.

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