Growel’s 101 Mall gives European twist to Diwali festivities

| Marketing | October 24, 2011 | News

Everything Goes! Communications is giving visitors of Growel's 101 Mall in Kandivali, Mumbai, a taste of the Diwali festivities in European style. Diwali Electrika started on Oct. 14 and will culminate on Oct. 30. To enhance the shopping experience as part of the festivities, a special shopping card has been introduced which shoppers can use to accumulate points each time they make a purchase, to win assured prizes.

Diwali Electrika offers mall goers various activities like performances by European dancers, and artists dressed as famous characters from European folklore and history like Greek God Poseidon, a medieval wizard, a European princess and many more. Shoppers will also be able to play the Spin-O-Win game, which has been designed like roulette, specially created for Diwali Electrika. In addition, the shopper with the highest accumulated points on the shopping card will win gold worth Rs. 1 lakh at the end of the activity, besides a white goods package.

"We decided to give a European treat to the customers this Diwali at Growel's 101 Mall. The idea is to electrify the festive ambience of Diwali with the opulence of Europe, which is why the name ‘Diwali Electrika'. It will be a fun-filled atmosphere for the next 15 days during the festival. Artists dressed as famous European characters as well as international dancers will entertain the audience. Along with this, to celebrate the festival of Diwali which is synonymous with shopping, we have incentivised shopping with the special shopping card. This is one of the first times that the celebration of a traditional festival like Diwali has been given a European twist. It is very important that we bring something unique to the mall celebrations each time to create memorable experiences for the shoppers," said Vjay Dewan, Chief Creative Guardian, Everything Goes! Communications.

Santosh Pandey, Vice President Growel's 101 Mall said: "Growel's 101 Mall is committed to serving its customers by bringing them new experiences with each of the activations we do. Our creative and activation agency, Everything Goes! Communications shares our vision and has consistently helped us bring our thoughts to reality and create grand events. This Diwali, we have introduced a shopping card because we want our shoppers to find purpose and be suitably gratified. The more they shop with us, the more points they accumulate and the bigger their win will be. On the entertainment front, we are giving a European tadka to this Indian festival. With interesting activities, performances, interactive games and prizes to be won, we aim to offer something to every member of the family."

Diwali Electrika, underway from Oct. 14 to Oct. 30, will offer shoppers a European-style Diwali celebration.

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