Google Enterprise organizes Google Apps Seminar event in India

| Marketing | May 28, 2013 | News

Google Enterprise, the Google vertical that offers productivity solutions for businesses, organized Google Apps Seminar, which took place on May 14 in Mumbai and on May 16 in Bangalore. The event was organized by NeoNiche Integrated Solutions, which submitted a proposal for the event and won the account on merit basis.

Commenting on the objective of the event, Prateek N. Kumar, MD and CEO, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions said: "Google Enterprise wanted to promote its Google Apps for Business through this event. This was the first event conducted by Google Enterprise in India. Being a large scale event, Google aimed at promoting its offerings amongst a larger audience by using live demos of their services and a Q and A session with their existing clients as effective tools."

The mandate given to NeoNiche was to play the role of assisting Google in managing the event from end-to-end. This included audience acquisition, venue management, creative support, on-ground set-up etc. The event, which had a ‘work the way you live' theme, saw a setup that consisted of two screens, a centre back-drop and standees. The screen size was 12ft. x 9ft. to ensure minor details could be shared with the guests in clarity.

The specialty at the seminar was that the entire event was presented through the cloud. There was no data on the computer at all including the event presentation. A dedicated line of 20 mbps was arranged to ensure a smooth event flow. The event included presentations by the members of the Google team followed by a live demo of the offerings and then a panel discussion / Q and A session with existing Google Enterprise customers.

The event was attended by approximately 100 people, which included Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, Senior IT Managers and HR heads. Shedding some light on the challenges faced during the event, Kumar said: "The biggest challenge we faced at the event was to maintain a dedicated 20mbps uninterrupted internet line."


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The event was managed by NeoNiche Integrated Solutions.

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