Video: GoBananas launches real estate property with an AV edge

| Marketing | May 20, 2014 | News

An active part of Gujarat's real estate and infrastructure sector, the Iscon Group kept up its effort to offer something new to its customers with the launch of Phase 2 of its flagship structure ‘Iscon Platinum'. The group wanted to unveil the new building to the public with a grand launch event in early May, and called on GoBananas to execute it.


GoBananas decided to give the event two unique highlights, to mark the second phase of the project. The Kaleidoscopic Dance Spectacular was the first, with 25 dancers showcasing life and amenities at Iscon Platinum in a visual program created by light designers.  The 12-storey building has 48 balconies, and one musician was placed in each balcony, with every note of the musicians being translated in to movements of the lights. Next, a Helio-Angel was placed high in the sky, in the middle of the venue where she unfurled the Iscon Platinum Phase II banner.


An event has technical as this has its share of challenges. Speaking about this, Mihir Ranpara, Director, Gobananas, stated: "Executing an act of this level had to come with its share of difficulties. Getting the timing bang on and carrying out proper rehearsals is a must. The Kaleidoscopic Dance act was planned well in advance. A dry run was held two days before the event to build some confidence in the team. The result was exemplary."

Iscon Group called on the agency to launch Phase 2 of Iscon Platinum with unique entertainment acts.

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