Gobananas and Equestrian Association to organize Sand Storm

| Marketing | February 15, 2013 | News

Sand Storm, an event which includes an animal trading fair, equestrian sporting, music, movie screenings and a number of other exciting activities, is all set to take place from Feb. 21 to 24 at Ambod Village in Gujarat. The event is an initiative of Gobananas and the Equestrian Association and is being organized by Gobananas.

The association between the two entities came about after the Equestrian Association approached Gobananas to create a property which would fill the gap of an animal trade fair similar to Rajasthan's Pushkar Fair, and in the process gain national recognition while making Gujarat the hub of all equestrian activities. They approached Gobananas, as the event company had been active in building their own properties in the last three years in Ahmadabad, which is why Equestrian Association felt they would be the best company to package the event.

The event is taking place in a village which has a dried up river bed and is perfect for equestrian and adventure activities. It will have a rural theme to it, with only the technical aspects which will be modern in nature. The whole one and a half KM riverbed stretch will be divided into two sections. One section will consist of the rural area which comes under the umbrella of ‘Revaal Mandi' and aims to be the next Pushkar Fair. It will see an animal trade fair, a rural handicrafts mela, traditional performances, kiddy rides etc. The other section will be an urban area with paid entry, which is targeting HNIs, the youth of Ahmadabad, Mumbai etc. and will see an entertainment zone with film screenings, live concerts etc.

Sand Storm will include a number of equestrian, adventure, music and other activities. The equestrian activities will include a 20KM, 40KM, 60KM and 120KM endurance race for horses, a horse breed show, pole bending and barrel racing. There will also be an open air film festival called ‘Switch Off' which will screen the movies Seabiscuit and Secretariat provided by Walt Disney; a music event called ‘Raet Ke Raag' which will feature folk and EDM genres of music, will have a lineup of more than 10 DJs and will witness the first submerge night of Gujarat; an adventure section called ‘Sandstorm Survivors' which will feature an ATV stunt exhibition, an SUV offroading rally, a flight club with hang gliding and hot air balloon rides, and paintball; and a number of other activities.

The event is being funded by three Government bodies consisting of Gujarat Tourism, Animal Husbandry and Indext-C which are also supporting the event with the 60-70 licenses required. Partners include Submerge, Harley-Davidson, Polaris, RED FM 93.5, and Khushi Advertising to name a few.

Sand Storm is being promoted through cinema slides across 300 plus cinema halls across India, through its radio tie-up with RED FM 93.5, online partnerships with web portals like The Indian Backpacker, ads in Ahmadabad Mirror and Ahmadabad Times, along with other mediums. It expects to see around 60,000-80,000 people attend the rural section of the event and about 6000-8000 attend the urban section of the event.

Commenting on the challenges that organizing the event has brought up, Govind Rai, Brand Manager, Sand Storm said: "Most of our challenges are logistics related. The major hurdle at the beginning was accessibility to the site. There was only one road leading to the river bed and we had to have two different entries - one for the rural area and one for the urban area. So we created another three KM stretch road in between the jungles so people who drive SUVs and directly want to reach the urban setup can do so. Another major issue logistically was getting the generators to the site which posed a lot of problems. However, we have overcome all the problems and managed everything smoothly."

The event will include an animal trading fair, equestrian sporting, music, movie screenings and other activities.

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