ExM Special: Tilaknagar’s foray into premium whiskey segment

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Formerly known as The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd., Tilaknagar Industries was promoted in 1933 by industrialist Shri Mahadev L. Dahanukar, popularly known as Babasaheb Dahanukar. In 1973, Tilaknagar Industries diversified into the businesses of industrial alcohol, Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) and sugar cubes. Both Maharashtra Sugar Mills and its subsidiary Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd. were merged to form Tilaknagar Industries Ltd., with effect from Aug. 6, 1993.

In a conversation with ExM, Tilaknagar Industries President and CFO Lalit Sethi sheds light on the company's latest offering, Mansion House Whiskey, and what they have planned for the brand in future.

Commenting on the decision to enter the premium whiskey market, Sethi said: "Given the increasing disposable income, the growth and profits are in the premium segment. Mansion House Whiskey will be positioned in the semi-premium segment with the tagline ‘Have Courage', retailing at Rs. 600 per quart."

He further added that the premium whiskey will be promoted through a combination of advertisements, trials and sampling. "We believe that the spirits customer comes due to marketing, but stays for the quality. We are targeting trials. Our whiskey is the most superior in the category. It is made from the purest scotch malts, aged to perfection in oak casks and blended to perfection."

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Tilaknagar Industries President and CFO Lalit Sethi talks to ExM on the company’s latest offering and plans for the brand.

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