Edelman India acquires Cream Events

| Marketing | November 30, 2012 | News

Edelman India on Nov. 29 announced that it acquired Cream Events Pvt. Ltd. to strengthen the firm's experiential marketing capabilities. The addition will enable Edelman to offer seamless integration across multiple channels for marketing and communications programmes. As part of the Daniel J. Edelman India group of companies, Cream Events will continue to trade and operate as an independent brand and separate legal entity.

Commenting on the acquisition, Robert Holdheim, Managing Director, Edelman India, told EVENTFAQS: "We have a certain communication model in the US and Europe that looks into creating content and developing various communication channels like traditional media, hybrid media and social media. This acquisition adds on experiential marketing as a communication channel and in a complex market like India where there are so many languages, cultures, regions, etc., it is particularly important to take communication on-ground. Cream Events gives us the ability to have the experiential marketing communication in-house and build on it." He added: "While there is a financial aspect to the merger, the main reason behind the acquisition is to strengthen our communication channels and relations with existing clients by adding value to our services."

The acquisition represents a further step by Edelman to bring its public engagement communications model to the Indian market. Edelman has spearheaded the public engagement model as a response to the increasingly complex communications environment, where brands and corporations can no longer have full ownership or control over their messages and reputation.

Talking about integration, Holdheim said: "[Edelman and Cream Events] have been working together for quite some time so as far as I can see we are already very much integrated. With this acquisition, Cream Events will be working closer with us and will bring to the table our values on the events side."

The acquisition enables Edelman to utilize Cream Events' celebrity and influencer management business, which adds another capability to the mix.

Commenting on the acquisition, Harshad Chavan, Managing Director, Cream Events, said: "This merger aims to strengthen Edelman India's experiential marketing capabilities, and enable a seamless integration across multiple channels for marketing and communication programmes. This merger is another step to bringing Edelman's ‘Public Engagement' communications model to India. Cream Events will continue to operate as an independent brand and a separate legal entity." He further added: "Partnering with this firm allows us to diversify and expand our capabilities while capitalizing on a strong network of global best practices. It's an opportunity to leverage synergies."

The deal enables Edelman to offer seamless integration across multiple channels for marketing and communications programs.

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