Cook-offs held by Vermilion to take Indian cuisine and talent global

| Marketing | April 2, 2013 | News

Vermilion, headed by entrepreneur and restaurateur Rohini Dey, is conducting a cooking competition for chefs in India. The quest is on to find suitable talent in India who can lead the two kitchens in New York and Chicago and promote it globally. The contest is being held in Mumbai and Delhi and currently the registrations are on. Post the registrations, the ten finalists will be announced on April 15. The final round will take place on April 23 in Mumbai and April 30 in Delhi.

The two chef-search cook-offs will give chefs an opportunity to both showcase their culinary skills and walk away with the final prize of leading the restaurants. Commenting on the same, Rohini Dey, Head, Vermilion Restaurants said: "Through these cook-offs, I look forward to unearthing amazing culinary talent in India - both aspiring and veteran - and providing this talent a global platform to innovate on. As well as reach newer culinary planes with our contemporary Indian Latin melding. While I'm a true and die-hard ambassador of Indian cuisine, I believe much still needs to be done for us to get to the level of international success as French, Italian or even Japanese fare. Currently Korean and Vietnamese are all the rage in the US, and Chinese and Thai are considered mainstream, but Indian cuisine is still very much on the fringe. The world is increasingly open to bolder flavors and experimentation, the timing couldn't be better, and these are steps in the right direction."

The contestants will have to prepare an Indian-Latin dish of their own interpretation and present them to the jury comprising Rohini Dey; Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Nikhil Chib, Shabana Azmi, Sharmila Tagore, etc. The criteria that the judges will concentrate on are presentation, flavor, originality, creativity and talent. Besides the cook off, the contestants will also have to go through an interview round. The judges will look out for prior experience, culinary aspirations and leadership potential besides the aforementioned categories.

In order to qualify for the cook-offs, the contestants must have in the past led restaurants of caliber for at least three years; have an educational background in culinary; demonstrated innovation and accomplishment in their experience and have good kitchen management skills.

The platform aims to find the best of Indian talent through a carefully drafted procedure in order to match the international standards already set by Vermilion in USA.

Winners will get to head the Vermilion chain of restaurants in New York and Chicago.

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