Candid Marketing promotes KKK 3 with "car on a crane" and "helpline"

| Marketing | September 13, 2010 | News

Candid Marketing was mandated by Hindi GEC Colors for an on-ground promotional stunt to engage viewers during the launch phase of the show Khatron Ke Khiladi 3 (KKK). Titled 'Danger Unexpected', the crane activity was held from September 4 to 6 in Mumbai, while the KKK Helpline was active from September 3 to 12.
Elaborating on the idea behind the 'Danger Unexpected' activation, Devika Sharma, VP - Client Servicing, Candid Marketing, said, "The idea was to create an attraction which would reflect the character of the show. This stemmed from the ethos, where the car on the crane reflected a platform for a daring KKK stunt. This was used to create intrigue for three days, followed by the actual revelation on the third day."
For the activity, a 30-foot crane was placed and a KKK branded car was suspended along with it. The car was used as a visual merchandise tool for all three days. There were changes in the way the car was hung on all three days. The first day the car was hung normally in the horizontal manner and subsequently each day the car changed positions. Below the car there is a branded drop down of 6ft x 10 ft. Below the car area was a demarcation made through conical cones branded by KKK creatives. On the third day, at a designated time, the stunt was conducted where a pyro show and the lettering on the scaffolding caught fire.
On choosing the parking lot near Juhu Beach as the venue, Sharma, explained, "We were looking at a venue which would become the talk of town and where we can tap the mass audience ‘janta' so it was the obvious choice. Also, the location gave the stunt the grandeur effect we were looking at. Moreover, the activity was visible to everybody people who were at the beach , people passing by in their cars and bikes. we estimate around three lakh or more people would have witnessed the activity through the weekend."
Other than the outdoor activity, the agency also managed the KKK Helpline activity. A platform was created where people can talk freely about their fear. In order to do this. a help line has been set up where a toll free number is given out to masses. TG suffering from a particular kind of fear / phobia can call this helpline number and the calls are addressed by a psychologist. The consumer can call and seek free counseling from the psychologist as he tries to resolve his/ her fear by suggesting them remedial steps.

The agency reached over 3 lakh people through the weekend activity prior to the launch of the show.

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