Bindass promotes brand new show 'Fear Less'

| Marketing | July 16, 2012 | News

UTV Bindass has launched a new show, Fear Less, which aired on the channel on July 7. Powered by Woodland, Fear Less is a reality show that features participants who combat their worst fears and overcome them with the help of a friend.

To promote the show, an artificial rock-climbing activity was organised at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, on July 7. Collective Heads was roped in by Bindass to execute this activity.

The agency set up a 20 ft. structure with trainers and safety equipment. The audiences in the mall were encouraged to overcome their fear of heights, a common fear harboured by many, through the challenging task of scaling the wall. The people who completed it were rewarded with Bindass merchandise. People were also engaged through spot games based on the theme of the show. More than 200 people participated and tried to be 'Fear Less' for the day.


Commenting on the association, Kunal Mukherjee, Marketing Director, UTV & Bindass Networks said: "We chose Collective Heads as they had done a similar activation for us a long time back and it had turned out to be really good. Hence, we stuck with them for this one as well."

Anthony Fernandes, Client Servicing Manager, Collective Heads added: "It was a great experience working with the Bindass team on another indoor adventure-based activity. Our learning from similar activities conducted in the past helped us execute this mall activation successfully."

Collective Heads executes Fear Less rock-climbing event in Delhi.

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