Ariisto Realtors does a grand launch of new luxury residential complex

| Marketing | September 23, 2014 | News

Ariisto Realtors recently made a new addition to the Mumbai skyline, a luxury residential complex, The Arristo Sommet, in Goregaon and close to Inorbit, complete with a concierge, butler, gym and spa services among others. The complex was launched in a grand manner during a channel partners meet on September 13 at the Sapphire Ballroom in Hotel Sahara Star. Think Tank Entertainment was roped in to conceptualise and execute the event.

Over 750 people attended this event, which began with a welcome and an audience interaction by the Ariisto Sommet management. This was followed by a Lycra dance act, where dancers dressed in white performed on the ropes.

A short audio-visual on the Ariisto Sommet followed this along with the project presentation. Next up was a fashion show cum skit, intended to showcase the amenities of the Ariisto Sommet, which was choreographed by Abhishek Mazumder, Founder & CEO, Think Tank Entertainment.

"This was a great job done by Team Think Tank, despite the fact that they only had a week's time to pull it off," said Arpita Sansetwar . Marketing Manager, Ariisto Realtors. "Even the channel partners appreciated it."

Explaining in detail about the skit, Abhishek Mazumder said, "The fashion show-cum-skit had models dressed up as concierge, butler, spa masseuse and gym trainer among others with rehearsed lines and sequence for everybody to showcase the amenities of the Sommet. "

This sparked off a discussion on the price and incentives offered by the realtors for this property, followed by a Q&A session. Another dance sequence was introduced to relieve the monotony of serious discussion.

Finally, the massive LED wall set up on the stage split to reveal a three dimensional scaled down model of the entire complex. "This was one of our biggest challenges," added Mazumder. "The model, crafted by the architect for the complex, weighed more than a ton and transportation and installation was not easy. But during the launch, rather than merely showcasing it, we showed a 3D projection mapping of the entire complex when the LED wall split. With such detailed mapping, it once again impressed upon the audience, the many features of Ariisto Sommet."

The agency would next be doing several launch-meets on a smaller scale for Ariisto Sommet across several locations in Mumbai to promote it among the realtors.


The event, executed by Think Tank Entertainment, doubled up as a channel partners meet and had over 750 attendees.

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