Annual day celebration for Atos sees around 3000 attendees

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engage4more recently managed the Atos International Annual Day Celebration, with the theme as ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan.' The event took place on Oct. 19 at Railway Police Ground in Mumbai and was attended by 3000 plus people consisting of Atos employees and their families.

engage4more received the mandate on the basis of a pitch process, where its concept and creative rendition of the theme helped the agency clinch it. The event was warped under the Mumbai theme where the entire venue depicted the theme with Mumbai street food, props and décor.

Speaking about the event, Nishant Parashar, Direcor, engage4more said: As this was an annual day event, creating design and content which reflected the celebratory spirit of the event was very important. Moreover, this being our first project with Atos, we aimed at not only matching their expectations but also setting the standard high in comparison to the years gone by. Needless to say, we successfully managed to do that and we look forward to work with them in their upcoming projects."

As a run-up to the main event, engage4more and Atos organised theme-oriented engagement activities like antakshari, street food competiton, read for good, hand prints, etc. and engaged Atos employees for four days across three Atos International offices in Mumbai.

There was over an hour of employee performances which included singing, dancing and fashion show where over 200 employees participated. They were selected via a mini talent hunt by engage4more, which also arranged for the entire grooming and costumes besides choreographing the entire sequence. Before the employee performances was an illusion show by EdMundo and the CEO speech followed by an hour-long performance by Beni Dayal.

Speaking about the execution of the event, Parashar said: "It was raining constantly on site and we had to make sure that the guests were having a good time. To avoid any inconvenience and accidents at the event, we made special provisions to execute the event smoothly. We build a 80000 square feet plank structure which was built to give a waterproof conduct of the event. The stage was also covered with 200 x 150 feet structure which covered the entire stage and also green rooms. Besides this the console was waterproof and all cablings were covered under the plank structure. This entire setup was on an open ground and hence the entire area was tin barricaded. All this was done in three days."

engage4more managed the event with the theme as ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan.’

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