American ‘Rockstar of Yoga’ makes the audience dance to his tunes during a kirtans session

| Marketing | January 8, 2014 | News

When Mark Twain said, ‘East is east and West is west and the twain shall never meet’, he had probably never heard of fusion music. Certainly he would have never expected an American to sing Indian devotional songs. On Friday, the evening of January 3, 2013, Grammy award nominee Krishna Das nee Jeffrey Kagel, led a kirtans session that combined the simplicity and soul of Hindustani devotional music with western flavours.

In keeping with the simplicity of his music, the event organiser, Invision, too kept the production simple. Four wooden panels adorned an inbuilt stage and the floral decoration was kept minimal. More emphasis was placed on having a proper sound system in place.

“Invision did the coordination with artists’ team in the US and handled the entire production for the event,” said Gagan Takyar, MD, Invision Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. “More than 3000 people attended the event. Surprisingly, many youngsters had turned up for the show. But then, Krishna Das has a huge following worldwide and his fans are spread across all ages.  The crowd, nevertheless, was niche and classy.”

Despite the event being a kirtan session, there was much interaction between the singer and the audience. Contrary to the silence maintained in classical music concerts, the audience at this kirtan session danced, chanted and swayed to the music as Krishna Das sang for over two and a half hours.

Often touted as the Rockstar of Yoga, Krishna Das is one of the foremost devotional singers in the world. His flagship album, Live Ananda was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Awards under the category of Best New Age album. The singer also performed at the Grammy Award Ceremony as well.

INvision Entertainment executed the event which saw Grammy award nominee Krishna Das nee Jeffrey Kagel lead a kirtans session.

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