‘Stakeholders’ Equilibrium - People that matter’ by Prateek N. Kumar

| Marketing | February 19, 2013 | News

Lot has changed and lot will, not only for the Clients' but also for people and organizations working in the Experiential Marketing Industry. Globalization and technology advancement is shaping the way we perceive and see things today like never before. Strategies, tactics, and operational processes that just a decade ago reigned supreme, now look a little out of sync, when viewed through today's brand perspective.

As the line between traditional ATL and BTL agencies have started blurring, marketers have started looking for more robust agencies that could rise up the ‘value chain' and be more integrated in its approach. Also, what has changed over time is Stakeholders' Equilibrium -People that matter, their approach, thoughts and adaptability.... be it a client, their agencies or the people who work in these agencies.

Clients today are looking for agencies which can grow up the value chain from being a vendor to a marketing partner, who understands their brand and provides ‘Value for money' solutions rather than rack-listed services. And though this is easier said than done, what is required by the agencies is consciousness of the fact, that at the heart of stakeholders' equilibrium lie the most important stakeholders - vendors, partners and people who work in these agencies.

When Suppliers are paid on time and are treated as an integral part of the agency, they replicate the same passion in delivering the brand promise and gothat extra mile, much beyond their "call of duty". The same benchmark can be used on the internal team who churn out innovative ideas, create concepts, creatives and execute them on ground for the clients.

For doing this we do not have to look far. Our clients have set the best benchmark possible.

The need of the hour is to customize the better practices to serve the purpose of an experiential marketing agency.Making the employee a true stakeholder by on time payment of salaries, ESIC, provident funds, organizational transparency ensuring that the agency performance and employee performance is aligned is the first step. Also, long serving employees could be rewarded through additional perks, bonuses, or something like ESOP making them a partner in the true sense.

NeoNiche lives by the DNA of "Ideas, Innovation and Insight". Any campaign that we work on, we try to bring our ideas to the table coupled with an out of the box thinking mind-set. This has helped us in proposing and executing innovative solutions, be it a ‘Silent Theatre Conference' or a ‘blue casted experience zone' in an event. For all our clients we try to act as a trusted adviser, building our insights into any campaign in MIS recommendations.

When one enters the NeoNiche Office, the first thing to be seen is a board with our ‘Mission Statement'. When each day ‘NeoKnights' walk into the office our mission board is what greets them:-

"We aspire to be the most ‘Respected', 'Caring' and 'Innovative' Experiential Marketing Company in the world. It is our firm belief, that if we pursue respect, care and innovation, then we will not short-change our Clients, we will care for our colleagues, their families and the society in general, treat our partners with respect and understanding and will never violate the law of the land in whichever Country we operate in. It is our conviction that such pursuit towards growth will create an environment of trust, harmony and excellence - the pillars which will lead to constant Innovations for our Clients."

This statement is not just a mere coinage of words but a constant reminder of who we are and what we aspire to be.

We do live in exciting times, where things change within a blink of an eye.What keeps all of us who are a part of an exciting discipline called marketing on the go, is our undying passion, that adventurous streak, our affinity for challenges and that gush of adrenalin when it all falls together...Those "moments of truth", knowledge of a work well done and we all are ready for the next challenge....aren't we?

Prateek N. Kumar is the Founder and Managing Director of NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an experiential marketing agency. Read the complete article by the author in the February 2013 issue of Experiential Marketing.

“Any campaign that we work on, we try to bring our ideas to the table coupled with an out of the box thinking mind-set.”

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