The Fiat Avventura on display at the Bengaluru aiport.

Fiat now takes its Avventura to two airports

Marketing | October 19, 2014 | News

Fiat Work Ventures

Fiat India is conducting a 15-day pre-launch activity for its brand new car Avventura at Delhi Airport T3 Departures and Bengaluru Airport Arrivals. Work Ventures (WV), which had recently executed Avventura’s multi-city mall activity, was appointed to conceptualize and execute this display activation too.

The idea is to attract customers to the display and to create an unmatched ‘touch and feel' experience of the car. With this objective in mind, WV has built an attractive set up at the airports’ prominent locations.

The backdrop incorporates the contemporary looks and active urban image of the car. Visitors click selfies with the car and surf boat as well. WV is manning the display from 6am to 10pm with the sales executives answering the queries and gathering data of interested people.

Commenting on the activation, Monica Rankawat, Project head, Work ventures said: "Product display is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your prospective customers, especially in India where people prefer to have a feel of the product before taking any decision. Hence displaying the product at airports is justified by the quality of leads we are receiving.”

Adding further about the car, Rankawat said: “Avventura being Fiat’s latest car, a CUV (contemporary urban vehicle), people are curious with its unique features like high terrain gauges, high ground clearance, functional roof rails, etc."

The 15-day pre-launch activity at the Delhi and Bangalore airports is being conducted by Work Ventures.

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