The 15th edition of SOI Dandiya sees 52 sponsors

Marketing | October 10, 2014 | News

SOI Dandiya SOI LIve Marketing Pan Vilas Dabur

SOI Dandiya, SOI Live Marketing's Dandiya/Garba property, returned for its 15th edition in the form of ‘Navli Navratri' from Sept. 25 to Oct. 3 at Barsana Urban Village in Ahmedabad. The fest had 52 sponsors on board, with Pan Vilas as the title sponsor, Dabur as co-sponsor and Radio City as radio partner.

Speaking about the growth of the IP, Heena Mistry, Director, SOI Live Marketing, said: "In the past 15 years we have organized 25 SOI Dandiya events (some years saw the event at multiple venues). This year's venue is almost five times bigger than last year's, enabling us to accommodate large participants as well as to ensure enough space around the food and corporate stalls."

Apart from the main activity of playing dandiya, the fest had activities like a photo booth, free sampling from different companies, sketches, etc. This kept around 15,000 attendees busy, daily.

Commenting on the brand benefits of associating with the fest, Heena Mistry, Director, SOI Live Marketing, said: "These sponsors received hoardings and stalls where they could talk about their products/ services. They were also given shoutouts and AVs on digital screens, ensuring top of the mind recall for the brand."

Of the numerous sponsors, Pan Vilas, being the title sponsor, engaged audiences the heaviest. The concept was based on the new tag line of Pan Villas - ‘Rich & Refreshing Taste'. Gathering enough mileage, the fest had 12 newspapers with daily ads, 3000 sqft of hoardings spread across Ahmedabad and daily radio spots on Radio City FM.

A photographer/promoter team moved around the venue with a branded Pan Vilas photo frame. The attendees got themselves clicked behind the frame after which the photos were uploaded daily on the SOI Dandiya Facebook page. A corporate stall at the venue also saw special prizes being given out on purchase of the product. With a float moving in various cities and towns, photos collected through these were uploaded on the Facebook page. This road-show took place before, during and after the event.

A Dabur Amla contest gave its users a chance to be in its next ad. Promoting this contest with a 15-city roadshow, at the venue and Facebook as well, participants had to click their photos and upload them on the SOI Dandiya page. The ones with the maximum likes will be a part of the Dabur Amla ad.

Along with a gaming zone, a smoking lounge was created for sponsor Four Square.

Explaining the challenges being faced in execution of the event, Mistry said: "The biggest day to day challenge was to manage such a mammoth crowd. Managing the flow right from the main road, to parking, till the time they entered was the basic task. The next challenge was to maintain the discipline and ensure that people get enough space to play as well as move within the ground. Managing a daily celebrity's entry and on-stage presence was another challenging task."

This year, Navli Navratri saw heavy engagement by its sponsoring brands Pan Vilas and Dabur.

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