A family all set to kick off the rally

Skoda partners the 14th edition of Family Fun Car Rally

Marketing | October 9, 2014 | News

Skoda Rashi Entertainment

Rashi Entertainment's IP, the Family Fun Car Rally, returned for its 14th edition in Delhi last month. This year's event was partnered by title sponsor Skoda Auto, so the rally saw more than 100 vibrant Skoda cars.

Rashi's patron motor sport event saw the cars decorated on the theme of ‘Drive Safe, Life's Beautiful', exuding energy, youthfulness and enthusiasm. The participants decorated their cars in the most attractive manner to win the ‘Best Decorated Car' and also dressed themselves to contest for the ‘Best Dressed Family'.

The rally was flagged off at dusk and provided all participants with a wholesome family day full of fun, excitement and thrill. The rally traversed the Delhi roads finding the marshals and completing various tasks en route. Participants are given an opportunity to collect lucky scores through randomly picking up points in sealed envelopes, solving puzzles and general knowledge questionnaires from various marshal booths scattered along the 65 km long route.

The winner of the rally is decided after adding up the points picked up by participants from the booths. It is all a question of luck, direction sense and general knowledge as the participant with the maximum number of points would take away the winner's title even if he/she is the last to cross the finish line. Secrecy about the final winner till the last participant crosses the finish line is maintained. The day concluded with felicitations and a few musical performances.

Commenting on the rally, Rajeev Jain, Director, Rashi Entertainment shared: "When the rally was envisioned fourteen years ago, the idea was to create an event for car enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy a day out in the sun with their families and we are incredibly thankful to have generous participants and sponsors onboard for our annual property year after year. Managing and executing an IP continuously for 14 years is definitely a proud moment for us at Rashi Entertainment. "

Supported by Delhi Traffic Police, the other partners for the rally were Fever 104 FM, F Secure, AXL Mobiles, Neo Speak and Glow Show Entertainment.

Rashi Entertainment’s patron event concluded in Delhi and saw more than 100 Skoda cars taking part.

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