Tic Tac activation in Delhi

TicTac promotes new ‘Strawberry Fields’ flavour across three cities

Marketing | October 1, 2014 | News

TicTac Madison IES Saumen Roy

Tic-Tac mouth-fresheners added yet another flavour called Tic Tac Strawberry Fields, to its kitty. To create awareness for the new flavour amongst the youth across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, the brand mandated Madison Integrated Experiential Solutions to conceptualise and implement an engagement module relevant to this audience.

The idea was to specifically establish that each of the twin coloured pellets signify the duality of our personalities - the light pink pellet symbolizes the ‘sweet' while the dark pink pellet, the not so sweet.

Using habit-mapping of the core audience, the agency identified a set of 15 colleges and two malls across the three cities to create a brand experience zone which allowed the audience to enjoy the inherent duality in a fun-filled manner.

Participants entering the booth were asked to qualify their personalities as either sweet or not so sweet. Depending on their responses, the participants were given either the halo or the horn to wear, following which they participated in the ‘The Challenge Booth' activity in a wind-blower booth filled with light and dark pink chits.

As the participants entered the Challenge Booth, the wind-blower at the base of the booth was turned on and the participants had to catch either the light or the dark pink chits basis their earlier stated personality. The light pink strawberry and dark pink strawberry mascots cheered them on all throughout!

The zone also had other fun activities like the dart game, sip your Tic-Tac and create your Tic Tac tune, which were conducted amidst much cheering and applause, indicating that the participants as well as the on-lookers were having a great time.

Commenting on the successful launch engagement, Saumen Roy, National Head - Madison IES, said, "It can be quite tricky to engage with a TG that is exposed to countless brands and products at every other touch point. For those who have too many choices and too little patience, we had to walk the fine line between keeping it simple yet entertaining, in terms of the activities."

Conducted simultaneously in the three cities, over a week, the activity engaged with more than fifteen thousand people.

Speaking about the brand, a spokesperson from Tic Tac India, mentioned, "Tic Tac appeals to the youth with its refreshing, fun and playful style. The visually engaging boxes, the rattling noise, and the enjoyment of sharing the mints help connect with the young generation. It is our endeavour to present them with new and appealing flavours on a constant basis."

Madision IES promoted this new twin coloured pellet - sweet and not-so-sweet - across 15 colleges and two malls.

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