LG promotes its new OLED TV in Delhi by pairing art with technology

| Marketing | October 1, 2014 | 1 | News

LG LG OLED TV Brand Promotions Gallery Escape Aamir Hasan

LG OLED TV on displayat the gallery

Sometimes technology and art, not only go well together, they also form the perfect amalgamation. LG recently demonstrated this with good results when it partnered an art exhibition at Gallery Escape, one of the high end art galleries in Delhi from August 22 - September 30.

The partnership was exclusively to promote LG's new OLED television. LG Electronics India was on the lookout for providing live experience to the high network families and Individuals for targeting their infamous LG OLED television. But LG did not want to get into any of the traditional below the line mass touch points.

Brand Promotions was roped in to conceptualise and execute this activation due to their successful execution of the LG OLED Bus activation, held a few months ago.

With the curved feature and artistic design of the OLED TV combined with the ultra thin OLED panel and the viewing experience, Brand Promotions India had to come out with something really innovative and apt. That's when Brand Promotions India approached Gallery Escape, one of the high end Art galleries of New Delhi to partner with LG OLED.

They readily agreed as they saw a good fit between the product and their art and customers and that's how the "LG OLED Presents "The Shape that things take" was born - an art Exhibition that displayed artworks by the celebrated and renowned artistes Valson Koorma Kolleri and Puneet Kaushik.

At the preview event, the OLED TV's were used to display the two artists' artworks which were showcased in the form of videos which not only promoted the TV but also enhanced the artworks. The art worth was valued in lakhs and the audience was mix of high network families and art lovers.

Speaking about the objective of the activity, Aamir Hasan, Head - TV's, Marketing HO, LG Electronics (India), said, "We were looking at an opportunity to showcase our product to the uber rich and create meaningful association with interesting properties. Through this event we engaged with the right target audience and communicated OLED TV as perfect blend of technology and art. Gallery wanted to display images of work done by artists on the TV set and OLED TV with its ability to display life like natural colors owing to unique feature like 4 color pixels, paper slim and infinite contrast fitted the bill completely."

The brief received by Brand Promotions was to spread awareness and attract the target audience in order to generate maximum leads. The setup began three days prior before the exhibition as it was mandatory to strategically place the TVs to keep them in the limelight during the entire event. In all, 4 LG OLEDs were used during the event where one TV was installed at the top level and three at the lower level. The features of OLED were explained by two hostesses who were stationed near them. The attendees were enlightened about the event as well the features of the LG OLED through brochures and exhibition catalogues and this initiative alone managed to generate multiple leads from the 270 guests present at the event. The activation continued for the next 4 weekends.

Speaking about the campaign, Sunil Kutty Menon, Director, Brand Promotions, stated, " Not only did we have to think out of box to cater to the target group, but it was also challenging to collaborate with a high end Art Gallery, convince their management and produce an event which would fit into the requirement of our client, LG. Our Delhi team did that wonderfully by ensuring the best media deck and amplification for the LG OLED in all the art magazines and PR which Gallery Escape advertised or communicated."

Brand Promotions conceived this promotion, with an art exhibition showcased on OLED TVs instead of canvases.

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