Pushkar Int’l Balloon Festival all set to engage corporates

Marketing | October 1, 2014 | News

Pushkar International Balloon Festival E-Factor Entertainment Samit Garg Pushkar Camel Fair EEMAX

The Pushkar International Balloon Festival is a three-day extravaganza in the city of Pushkar in Rajasthan that is all set to lift off its fifth edition on Oct. 31. The festival, which has won several accolades at the EEMAX and WOW awards, was launched in 2010 by E-Factor and Skywaltz with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan.

What makes this world-class balloon festival unique from the international ones, is its positioning - owing to its innovative location within the Pushkar Camel Fair. The festival thus, successfully amalgamates culture, heritage, vibrancy, adventure and lifestyle - all packaged in an experience in the realms of the Thar desert. The fest invites more than a dozen hot air balloons from Americas, Europe and Asia to splash their colours in the skies of Pushkar.

Designed as an experiential haven, the festival features an engagingly exhaustive itinerary filled with vibrant activities at the luxurious camp made especially for the festival guests. Attendees can experience a Brahma temple visit, sunrise/evening balloon ascents, night concert, royal Rajasthani sitdown dinner, hair and hound race balloon race, temple dance, camel race, sunset rides on camel carts, etc. The various folk dances include kalbelia, fire and bali among others.

The sprawling annual festivities of the 100 year old Pushkar Fair, mirrors the vibrancy of Rajasthan. It is an epic scale event that is said to attract over 8,00,000 tourists, 80,000 camels/cattle and more than 60,000 expats from different parts of world. The fair is a vibrant melee of activities like dances and folk festivities, food fairs, spiritual sprees and craft bazaars.

The fest has a lot of things in store for corporates as well. Explaining how the fest can engage corporate for an off-site, Samit Garg, CEO, E-Factor Entertainment, said: "The fest provides a well appointed camping experience in the realms of a preposterous cultural extravaganza. Secluded yet immersed, providing privacy for workshops/group discussions and at the same time at a stone's throw distance - interacts with you on a different high."

Commenting on team activities, Garg said: "Enough of unique team building opportunities that can we worked upon and customized to suit the needs of a business house. Camel Cart Racing, Camel Dressing, team-based dune bashing with ATVs, Hare & Hound Race using Hot Air Balloons are just a few ideas. While the canvas is a flexible playground to tailor make the packaging of the offsite, it creates a memorable cultural amalgamation of the modern day enterprise ethos and engagement with traditional practices."

Adding further about the positioning, Garg said: "The best part of the positioning is that small/medium/large tented colonies can be erected to suit the requirements on a case to case basis, thereby making it possible to brand the colonisation and adding the USP of having built your own tented hotel campus."

The festival has four distinct incremental tariff tiers, where two tiers have been designed for individuals/couples whilst the other two are targeted towards corporate hospitality and branding. The corporate packages offer branded baskets, balloons and even vehicles.

Now in its 5th year, the three-day extravaganza is being organized and executed by E-Factor Entertainment.

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