Modern Stage Services' Video Division introduces 3D content technology for events

| Industry Watch | September 30, 2014 | News

Modern Stage Services Infitec 3D Video Solutions

The use of 3D technology in rental and staging applications has widely increased and is popularly used around the world.

From large events to small local events, INFITEC, Germany offers the best solutions at an affordable cost yet still providing high resolution and crisp video quality images.

Modern Stage services has the exclusive distributorship for INFITEC 3D, a new technology developed and patented by INFITEC, Germany. The technology specializes in video content for events and makes content come to life. 

Key features of INFITEC 3D

· Crisp and Clear 3D Image

· High Channel separation with no ghosting

· Compatible to any screen

· Easy to Clean

· Robust Passive glasses (no battery required unlike traditional 3D glasses)

INFITEC 3D is a perfect solution for corporate launches where there are a limited number of people and the venue is indoor. This technology is more effective indoors as there is limited viewing distance and limited amount of light that is required to make this technology work.Sahil Wadhwa, Director, Modern Stage Services elaborates "It is usual to develop a headache while watching 3D for a longer duration. However with these 3D glasses, one can watch 3D for long periods without any headaches or strain on the eyes."

The company is the official, exclusive distributor of Infitec 3D in India.

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