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  • Initiated in 2012, 'LIVE Quotient Awards’ - LQA is the only platform in India that celebrates the Creativity and Excellence of LIVE Entertainers from the Events, Entertainment & Experiential Marketing Industry. LQA is a unique platform that acknowledges every genre of LIVE entertainment.

    Each year, the entertainment community and fans around the country turn their attention to the LIVE Quotient Awards. Interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch leading up to the LQA ceremony and subsequently its telecast. Millions of LIVE entertainment lovers tune in to watch the glamorous ceremony and learn who receives the highest honours of the LIVE entertainment industry.

    Close to a hundred senior professionals of the industry dedicate themselves to a rigorous process to arrive at the final winners. The platform owes its credibility to the efforts of these distinguished personalities who selflessly work towards the development of this dynamic industry.

    LQA is an initiative of EVENTFAQS Media. Best known for the annual LQA & WOW Awards, the organisation is also involved in a wide array of multi-channel media platforms focussed on news, trends, publishing, outreach, preservation, development, research activities and more in the events, entertainment and experiential marketing industry in India.

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