Terms & Conditions:

1. 'GO LIVE WIN A HARLEY DAVIDSON' is open for participation only to WOW Awards 2013 entrant agencies / brands and the associated brands. Read 'Who can participate' below fore more details
2. Participants that send in the correct answers will hear back from EVENTFAQS team confirming their name on the guest list
3. Being on the guest list only means a waiver of the entry cover charge of INR 2, 000/- ++ by China House. It does not entail any other privileges
4. Being on the guest list of GO LIVE does not entail entry to the WOW Awards 2013 ceremony. WOW Awards 2013 is strictly by invitation.
5. This is a limited capacity event. Entry opens at 10 pm on April 26, 2013. Once the club is full, the guest list will be closed. Guest List will be closed at 11 pm irrespective, but may close sooner if the club reaches full capacity.
6. Once the guest list is closed, guests may enter by paying the applicable cover / entry charge. Those interested in attending GO LIVE but do not qualify to participate, are welcome to pay the applicable cover / entry charge to gain entry, provided the club is still open for entry. Again China House and the Grand Hyatt Mumbai reserve all RIGHTS OF ADMISSION. EVENTFAQS Media Pvt. Ltd. or any other partners associated with GO LIVE have no control over hotel management.
7. To win the Harley Davidson SUPERLOW, a participant must be on the guest list and must enter the club as a GO LIVE guest. Once the guest list is closed, participants may still pay the cover charge and enter but WILL NOT stand a chance to win the bike.
8. The winner will be announced between 10 pm and 11 pm at China House on April 26, 2013 at GO LIVE
9. The winner will receive the bike with the Ex Showroom cost paid up. The winner will have to pay the Octeroi, registration and insurance which varies basis the state the bike is registered in. Government Taxes if any will also be borne by the winner
10. The bike is non - transferable. It has to be registered in the name of the winner.

Who can participate:

- Agencies that have sent in entries for WOW Awards 2013 (open to all employees)
- Marketing departments of BRANDS that have directly sent in entries for WOW Awards 2013
- Marketing departments of BRANDS that are associated with the activities that are in the running for the WOW Awards 2013. E.g.   If agency ABC has made an entry for an event titled "Red Bull X FIghters' which is approved by Red Bull, then the   entire marketing team at Red Bull qualifies to participate