Zinia Fernandes

Emcee / Host, Model

India’s ‘livewirewho brings sophistication, glam and an unmatched energy to an event. Known as one of the most reliable and proactive emcees, Zinia has worked her way into the hearts and minds of India’s Event industry. 

Zinia’s career in the live industry has been ‘record breaking’ as most say it. One of the fastest growing talents in the experiential space, Zinia credits her success to how the audience receives her and also to her former experience in the corporate world. “As a behavioural trainer for one of the world’s largest financial services company for 6 years, I learnt every skill required to engage and entertain an audience. The rest I learnt on the job”

She talks the most illustrious red carpets, And the most riveting events. An Improvisator, An Engagement Specialist and A Prolific Presenter. 

Zinia’s repertoire includes some of the most iconic live experiences across industries be it government, corporate, Bollywood, fashion or social events. All of this and more, has put Zinia on the map of India’s most chosen and influential artists and yet she continues to work on extending her career in the digital space. As an anchor & a speaker, she defies categorization and believes that her skill set cannot be compartmentalized. Be it a ceremonial government event, a notable corporate event, a starry red carpet or a dramatic brand launch, Zinia is equipped to effortlessly anchor a live experience and make it memorable

Zinia is a digital content creator who shares stories of #BACKSTAGEHEROES on her social media platforms including IGTV that is garnering a lot of attention and appreciation. 

Email: fernandes.zinia@gmail.com

Talk: +91 98 19 56 16 59

Instagram : @zinianatashafernandes

Facebook : AnchorZiniaFernandes


Event Update

An event well planned and well executed by the all partners of the Asia Coat & Ink Show 2017, including the event partner, the Highlight Event Studio based in Mumbai. The event had a robust line up of speakers from the Printing Ink manufacturers industry across the Globe invluding directors of companies like Saint Gobain, Diamond Dispersion, Billion Europe. And entire day of sharing best practices on building global businesses and surviving in a global competitive environment was well balanced with a session on physical and spiritual well being, by the monk, spiritual & lifestyle coach and witty, Shrfi Gaur Gopalji das of ISKCON. His session using references of the Vedas and their relevance to the millenials in typical 'gopalji' style left the audience in splits at several points. The event was held at Westin Garden City, Mumbai and was managed by Highlight Event Studio.

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