Yogesh Chabria

Motivational Act/ Speaker

YOGESH CHABRIA is one of the world's most loved and sought-after speakers, #1 keynote speaker for all kinds of conferences starting from Annual meets, Sales/Marketing Strategy events, Women Empowerment, Dealers/Partners/Distributors/Doctors conferences, R&R and Incentive programs, Leadership summits, Team Building off-sites, Entrepreneurship and more. 

Yogesh Chabria is one of the world's most loved and sought-after speakers, #1 bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of The Happionaire Way. Ever since a young age, Yogesh, has been inspiring, motivating and training people from all walks of life to unleash their true potential and realize their goals.

He started selling toys at the age of 5, came out with his first IPO when he was 12 and started investing with only Rs. 750 at the age of 16. His first seminar at the age of 21 was attended by only 5 people. Since then, he has come a very long way and touched the lives of over 20 million people from all over the world, including entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, athletes, homemakers, influencers, students, parents and professionals through his seminars, events, books, articles, TV appearances, videos, audios, programs, workshops, online learning programs, personal coaching and mentorship.

Yogesh Chabria is considered a world renowned business, life and success strategist and is the recipient of several global awards and honors.

He has inspired and motivated people from over 1000 companies in over 100 countries to increase their sales, achieve their targets and lead happier and fuller lives at work and home. 

Photo Update

Yogesh Chabria's signature high energy motivational session will be inspiring high performing teams at Accenture LIVE at Andaz, Aerocity, New Delhi on 30th August 2019.

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