Somlata and The Aces

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Event Update

Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury is a popular playback singer in the Bengali film industry. She is considered a rock diva by her fans due to her electrifying live performances. Now the talented singer and her band Somlata And The Aces delivers a Rabindra Sangeet album with their signature live sound. This has taken many critics by surprise, since this is an experiment which is quite bold in Bengal's music industry. However, her fans have loved the album, taking to the top of charts in no time! Particularly, the younger generation, who had been previously snobbish about listening to any kind of traditional vernacular music, have taken all the songs to liking, and are actually sharing the music videos too! The 2 music videos "Khola Hawa" and "Je Raate Mor" have gained critical acclaim from everyone, and has seen a steady viewership since the time they were released. Please watch, subscribe, like and share the videos from the following links: Khola Hawa: Je Raate Mor:

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