Shamoly Khera

Emcee / Host, Motivational Act/ Speaker


Shamoly Khera is an International TV Presenter & Live Events MC with multiple TV shows to her credit. Her glamorous persona & fiery wit make her a favourite for conducting energetic live events. Her TV shows as the lead Host have aired on Zee TV Middle East, UTV Stars, TLC India, Viacom US, Viacom UK, MBC Bollywood. Her Live Events clientele includes prestigious names like Femina, Forbes Indian Achievers Awards, Kelvinator Women Achievers Awards, Private corporates in India, UAE.

Event Update

Shamoly Khera knows a challenge when she sees one. When she realised that she will be interviewing the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) at the Official Parliament building in Taipei, she knew she had to be prepared. "The Team at MOFA has been supportive of all my questions and inquiries. They helped me make this interview super-smooth!" Mr. Joseph Wu who is always accompanied by his massive team of Public Relations, Secretary and others was thoroughly prepared as well. "I must say this was a 20 minute interview and all done in one-take, purely because this time, the interviewee was as prepared as the interviewer!" The interview was featured as segment in the TV show Embracing Taiwan on Zee's Living Foodz.

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