Saurabh Lalwani

Singer/ Performer

A semi-classical, ghazal and sufi-bollywood performer/composer. A desciple of classical vocal music under the tutelage of Dr Prasanth Gopinath Pai (Prof, Fine Arts Dept, DU), a certified sound engineer by the University of Delhi, a public speaker by interest, an Engineer by fate, a corporate banker by mistake, and a musician by choice. 

Saurabh's band is known for its unique blend of Sufi, Carnatic and Bollywood. The band has had the honor of opening for the Legendary artist Shri Gurdass Mann at the Punjab Food festival in Amritsar , opening for the legendary Indian band Parikrama at the Heartrock tattoo festival, and opening for Sushmit Sen Chronicles (Indian Ocean Fame) at Outlandish music festival in recent times and the honour of being the guest on a Doordarshan weekly show for an interview and playing live. The band has also had the honor of performing for a series of events for one of the biggest corporate conglomerate of Jakarta Surya Esa Perkasa. The band is known for its unique sound and music, and has a bunch of original songs to its name. 

From corporates to weddings, from independent concerts to headlining acts, from sangeet to birthday parties, the band can cater to all kind of events.

Photo Update

A duet performance at TEDxSVC featuring performances from some notable and eminent artists of the country.

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