Sameera Khan

Actor, Emcee / Host, Model


They say when you love what you do, It does not feel like work. Thats how hosting and anchoring feels to Sameera Khan. Intense passion for the job makes an event/show easy on the eyes and ears of people watching it and she makes sure to put in all her energy, effort and wit to entertain the people before her. Started off as a winner of reality show 'ZING ANCHOR HUNT' post which she went on to host the film gossip show 'ZING SCOOPS' and then there was no looking back for TV shows and events since then. Adding energy to a wedding, glamour to an awards night or sophistication to a corporate event. She makes it all possible!

Photo Update

Anchor for Dell Technologies TV for their forum held in Mumbai, this included interviews of the super powers of technology.

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