Ritika Jhanji

Emcee / Host, LQ Handpicked



A highly appraised anchor with more than 12 years of television anchoring experience with one of the finest news networks of the a country, NDTV. From live news to lifestyle shows to socially conscious campaigns, Ritika has curated content, reported and anchored for all types of anchoring formats possible. Known for her versatility with formats and languages(english, hindi, punjabi), what distinguishes Ritika the most is the journalistic acumen she possesses, making her breeze through a corporate panel discussion or a celebrity laced live event with equal ease. When asked if she ever faces stage fear, she responds nonchalantly, "If you can handle the live news format, everything else is a cakewalk."

Video Update

You may wear the best of designer clothing, get the best hands in the industry to do your make up, hair etc and it can all make a great first impression but when hosting a show, first impression cannot over rule the confidence you wear which comes from the content you curate. Do your own research, write your own content, pull out the relevant quotes, the relevant current affairs, connect with your audience .. these are the biggest tools in the public speaking game.. Seen here, hosting the Behtar

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