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Nrityanidhi is the only dance institution that has dedicated a decade to developing an ingenious style of dance and choreography with Kathak, without disturbing the grandeur of classical style. Reviews ~ "Brilliant!" Jackie Shroff (Actor) ~ "It was a spectacle to watch someone design and perform my first debut playback song. I could recollect each moment I spent creating the melody. Harshvardhan and Shoma's team rocks. It was a mesmerizing performance. " KRSNA (Playback Singer) ~ "I love this troupe. It has managed to leave an everlasting impression on this evening." Ashutosh Gowariker (Director; Jodha Akbar) ~ "We could feel your Soul travel through the audience" said an audience member

Event Update

Body Language is such an important part of Abhinay (the expressional part of dance). My Teacher used to say that Abhinay can be acknowledged only when that particular emotion or expression is understood by the audience. Pt. Birju Maharaj ji says, that if a thorn pricks the foot, the whole body reacts. Similarly, if an emotion needs to be portrayed, the whole body is involved and not the facial expressions only. In short, the total involvement of a Dancer is integral. - Shoma Kaikini, Dance Guru

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